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I love how the bugbear looks so pleased and everyone else… doesn’t.

Smugbear =^.^=

Is it odd that I read his expression and manner as trying to be reassuring? (Obviously not something bugbears are naturally good at). He seems more personable. Other members of the Elder Council aren’t even deigning to interact with Michele’s friends or explain themselves.

I wish you could come to Europe as well. (sigh)

Why the one legged satyr? Wingless guardian gryphon, one legged satyr… are things not as peaceful as they look in the Liverpool Avalon? Danger lurking around while the inhabitants live happily and unaware of it?
I can see one danger coming, though. Greg blowing his top at the high handed taking over of Michele’s (and his) life.

As I recall, the wingless gryphon is Jimothy’s dad, and he lost his wings in America…


P.S. Who or what is a khyrin?

Not sure if this is relevant, but a “Kirin” is a Chinese creature that is said to resemble a cross between a Dragon and a Giraffe.

Replying here…
Khyrin was a name that was randomly generated 11 years ago when I rolled a Mithra character in Final Fantasy XI. Mithra, as a people, tend towards ‘silent’ aitches in their naming scheme. this was carried over to Final Fantasy XIV, where my character is named Khitana. (rhymes with Katana, and/or sounds a lot like how the people in iowa pronounce that word. )
I do see why someone would make the link with the Kirin, though!

Duh, Greg. She is a sphinx. A living legend.

She will not stop being the latter. You don’t want to stop being the former. So yah, one way or the other: everyone will know about her.

Tough shit talking over. Someone please hug him :/

Me, I like that there are signs of disability and hard wear among the council members– well okay, not “like” exactly, but I can appreciate their injuries as the realistic results of very long lives. One question that keeps popping up in my mind is how the nonhuman communities managed to get through the two World Wars– did they hide in the Avalons, did they enlist, were the American nonhumans drafted or what? And if they fought, what happened when they were injured? In WWI you sometimes had “pals regiments” where the male populations of entire British villages enlisted at once and were able to stay together, which occurs as one possible solution (safety in numbers and all that, at least until you hit a minefield), but what about WWII? Just curiosity on my part; I work in a hospital, so I keep wondering about this sort of thing.

I agree, it seems sensible to think that long-lived people would show some signs of wear. I was going to comment the same, and saw you had done so for me.

I was under the impression that satyrs didn’t have lives all that longer than humans, however.

Hmmmm… tough breaks for the gang. Are the satyr and bugbear a couple? I thought at first the bugbear likes to be up in everyone’s space, but they look so casual and comfortable together. They are interesting character designs. Many assumed the bugbear was Alec’s dad (species aside – there is a resemblance), but it would be so cool if the satyr was, too. I’d love to see throwback art of them as a family with tiny Alec.

I was thinking the same thing about them being a couple. Also that it’s a bit odd, or at least different, that this bugbear keeps a human face and Alec keeps his bear face. Though Myra kept a human face too so it might just be a new style choice??

The bugbear is Alec Hyde’s father Orville. I don’t know if it’s still posted anywhere, but there was an old one-page cartoon of Orville taking young Alec to the zoo (and breaking a few rules in the process).

He’s apparently just long-term friends with the old satyr (I don’t remember catching his name).

Had a goofy thought last night. Somehow Michelle gets access to medallion forging… and goes nuts breaking rules, making medallions for EVERYONE. Then suddenly some human (apparently) guy runs by with two armloads of fish laughing maniacally before disappearing offscreen, everyone staring at them. Then back to Michelle who notes, “Yeah, I made one for Stanley too.”

Hey anybody are there any legend creatures that look like Raksura?

P.S. I got the name for a book series that I am listening to right now and if you would like to listen to it/ read it, the first book is called the cloud roads. And don’t ask me why it is called that.

I’m with Greg. They have been working very, very hard to keep people from finding out she’s The Last Sphinx™ for a reason. Now this smug-looking bugbear wants everyone in every Avalon to know not only that she IS The Last Sphinx™, but that The Last Sphinx™ lives at the Liverpool Avalon, her favorite Avalon on the Citadel.

This is absolutely a political ploy using Michelle as a pawn. These people need to learn that she isn’t a pawn — she’s a player.

Poor Greg’s going through QUITE the emotional roller coaster!
Also, I do believe ‘insure’ is a typo. Shouldn’t it be ensure?

They’re the same thing. It’s like flammable and Inflammable.

It is sometimes used interchangeably but I think ensure is the better option.

In the most pedantic and technical sense, insure means to guard the value of something in a more monetary sense.

However, popular use allows insure to be used as if it were ensure.

Ensure does NOT suggest that there is a monetary valuation contracted to replace something, however, but suggests non-financial means of protection.

Uh pj flammable means it can catch on fire. Inflammable means it can’t. They are not the same word.

Atlas, I hate to break it to you, but…

PJ is correct.

Those definitions are taken from a Merrian-Webster dictionary.

Flammable: “capable of being easily ignited and burning quickly.”

Inflammable: “(1) flammable. (2) easily inflamed, excited, or angered.”

(The second inflammable definition refers to an emotional state. You wanna focus on the first definition, which literally says “flammable.”)

Flammable and inflammable means the same thing. It’s strange, I know. It’s illogical, I know. But that’s how it is.

Inflammable is the older word meaning burnable, but people who didn’t know its etymology (that is, most people) tended to misunderstand it to mean non-burnable. So, it was shortened to flammable and the word nonflammable was coined as its antonym.

I noticed they keep saying “if demons are after her” as if the council didn’t really believe her but went with this option since it was the quickest solution to agree on because they all want to just go home.

Well, one person said it once, anyway. And it doesn’t really indicate doubt; it’s just an explanation of the council’s decision. IF she’s right THEN she’s safest in the avalon.That’s true (or they believe it is) whether she’s right or not..

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