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2018 Reader Question 105

2018 Reader Question 105 published on 14 Comments on 2018 Reader Question 105

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I’ll be at Rose City Comicon this weekend! If you’re in Portland you should come by and say hello!! Table S-08 in the Artist Alley!


Question for the Erymanthian Boar: Why are you still using a Palm OS 2.x PDA in 2005?

Tradition. Also migrating to THE HIT NEW THING was a pain back then, when all your schedules are on THE HIT OLD THING.

I wasn’t talking about changing platforms, I was more wondering why she hadn’t upgraded to a Palm OS 3.x PDA like the Palm III series; V series; m100 series, or Handspring Visor.
I do remember how going from 3.x to a 5.x device like the Palm Zire was basically going to a whole new platform due to the different physical controls and sync systems the later OS used. Which meant all your old apps had to be replaced. That broken upgrade path was why I never replaced my Palm m100 or Handspring Visor Deluxe with a Zire or Tungsten.

Here’s something been wondering for a while, Avalons are a distinctly European thing, seeing as their name comes from Arthurian lore, but what do they call the more Asiatic safe havens for supernatural beings? I have feeling naming them Shangri-La would be weird, seeing as it is a place in Asiatic lore that is described as being a paradise. And we have seen from the 2 Avalons that have been shown over the course of the series, these sorts of places aren’t quite close enough to being any sort of paradise.

Fun fact, Avalon gets its name from Avalonia, which intern is a misinterpretation of Abblelonia, which means Avalon is a minor corruption of Abbleon. Why is this important, because it’s fun to know the history of things. Sidenote, abble is the Gaelic word for apple, and possibly the word from which the modern word apple is derived from, given how similar they sound.

That just talks of Chinese dragons, also known as Lung, but I was asking about things in a bit broader sense.

The first half of the RQ linked to by JoB does focus on the Eastern Dragons. The second half of it, is about Avalons.
“Western-style Avalons aren’t very common in many Asian countries, so it’s hard to compare the two.”
Going by that entire RQ, and how Mythicals in Asia don’t seem to have been actively hunted by the general populace, there would not have been such a large scale need for the development of the western-style hidden Avalons to be created.

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