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Poor Michelle… she needs a hug.

The expression on the White Stag’s face (whom I assume is Blanche’s father) looks so smug.

Yeah, that smug “Oh, what a coincidence, that we can use her as a damn History Book while we keep her here, regardless if she wants to or not”
I don’t know about you guys, but I kinda would want to punch him just a “tiiiny little bit” in his smug face for that.

I know her friends are definitely trying to help, but there’s a certain kind of irony in “She can make her own decisions!” when she hasn’t actually expressed any kind of preference and you’re obviously speaking for her. Like, yes, that’s a good sentiment to express, but not…. -your- sentiment…. to express….

I cannot see taking her out of college as being even remotely a good idea. It was a long and painful enough process for her to adjust to being what she is, I cannot imagine how difficult it would be on her to totally sever one of the few links she probably still sees as to a ‘normal’ life.

I suspect having demons/dragons murder her would be even worse.
Staying in avalon is not a permanent solution, but it might be the best short term one to keep her alive and get used to her power.

But i suspect story (in)convenience will force her to not stick around for long.

What I’m curious about is why not the Avalons in either Kansas City or St. Louis? I’m pretty sure that the Avalon councils there could be just as helpful and they’re local. At the very least the Americans wouldn’t have to worry about things like student visas and transferring of credits. Besides, there’s that issue of the back door into the local bar. Was it ever secured?

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