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Illumination 3 Page 28

Illumination 3 Page 28 published on 41 Comments on Illumination 3 Page 28

I’m going to be at Rose City Comic Con this weekend! It’s my last convention of 2017! Come on down and say hi, I’ll be at Artist Alley table E8!

Related: Because of the convention I might not get the next comic page up on time. I’m going to try really hard! But I might not make the deadline this time. Boo! Thanks for your understanding!


Greg, here’s an idea: Punch Ravi. it may not fix things, but it’ll probably make you feel better and nobody’s likely to stop you.

I’m not sure that Merial has the right advice here. I mean yes, I’m sure that Meesh needs her space right now, but I also think that it woudl be really beneficial to have someone hold her and tell her that it’s OK and shat she doesn’t have to have all the answers, they love her anyway.

Also, on a totally unrelated note, when I’ve had a very stressful day I like to go hung my goat. So just a suggestion…

Maybe Ravi could arrange for something. He’s kinda a big deal, and this whole episode has gotten to acknowledge his own faults and be more empathetic towards others. He might even try to bestow a gift to another descendant of one of his old friends again, and stick around this time.

Oh, Michelle. Oh honey, no, it’s okay. No one has ALL the answers.

Someone should go after her. Just to make sure she doesn’t do anything rash.

Poor Michelle. Ever since she turned, she just wanted her life to be normal or to have some kind of stability, but every time, when she thinks everything has settled and calmed down, something drastic happens that changes everything.

That convention illustration is going to cause problems. There’s two pats in towards your booth but no way out! You’re going to have thousands, possibly dozens, of people crowded in front of your table going nowhere!

Please, please rethink your traffic plans in the future.

So did Kory tell anyone when she will update the comic or something?

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