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2023 Reader Question 44

2023 Reader Question 44 published on 5 Comments on 2023 Reader Question 44

You’d be surprised and depressed to know how many members of the mythical community share this opinion with Lynn. Not having a medallion/losing a medallion/damaging a medallion makes life a lot harder, and so those people are to be pitied.

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Please never let her meet Greg.

I’d imagine she might since they’re basically living in the same small town, but Greg has experience with assholes of this type (just with different underlying reasons), so I expect he’ll be able to tell her to fuck off if he has to.

(Also, I have a strong suspicion that someone might have a major motivation to fix his medallion soon.)

Actually doesn’t this attitude kind of make sense? There’s a finite supply of medallions. If you break or lose or destroy one you’ve permanently removed it from the pool. It’s not just about you in particular losing a medallion and having to deal with it; you’re denying anybody else the use of that medallion in perpetuity. We don’t really know how many medallions were actually made, especially for creatures that the wider sphinx population deemed unfit– how many Nemean medallions did Wosret and Jocasta actually get to make before they went into hiding? They were only commissioned for one pride (however large that may be). There might only be a handful out there to begin with.

Maybe the more ‘common’ medallions are less of an issue but we saw the passing-on ceremony with Colin and there was a definite reverence for the history of the medallion (and thus the family). They’re precious, they’re heirlooms, they’re necessary for existing in the modern world and, as far as anybody knows right now, can never EVER be remade.

The stigma for losing a medallion seems pretty sensible.

1) We know that when a mythic has a medallion and has a child with a human, the child inherits a form of the medallion’s cloaking magic and will appear human until they get a medallion of their own. Does this “cloning” of the medallion spell put strain on the original/parent medallion? Can its magic wear out if it is used too much in this way?

2) Have there been any other spontaneous turnings (such as what happened to Tony and Michelle) from contact with a previously unknown medallion–such as in an antique, pawn shop, or flea market? And if/when this happens, are there representatives from the mythic community whose job is to find and help them?

3) We know the Elders of the Avalon(s) take an active role in preserving the secrecy of the mythical community, but do they have networks to assist with that? Do the different avalons work together or stay in communication to help in this endeavor? Or is every avalon an island and only worries about its own local issues?

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