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See now, I wish for a reverse-griffin-ator! Kittyheads for the win! Even a standard reverse griffin made of standard species is pretty damn spiffy!

But yeah, birds of paradise are pretty awesome. Riflebird and possum, or satin bowerbird and spotted quoll could qualify? Imagine what a bowerbird-griffin might hoard!

Hey nothing like a birthday to celebrate another notch in the ol’ cane.. Whatever. That is until you find yourself jamming out to a song then hear the host/dj say “And here’s one from forty years ago..” but you’re like, ‘huh. I remember when that album came out. Curse the young folks with their facepaging and instatwitters. back in my day…’ *ramble for another twenty minutes until you forget what you were talking about.*

I kinda wonder what the big number eighteen will look like already.

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