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Illumination 3 page 35

Illumination 3 page 35 published on 39 Comments on Illumination 3 page 35

HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEEEEEEN!! It was my birthday on Saturday! Basically what I’m saying is that between Oct 28 and 31st is my FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR.


As for the comic: I haven’t given Leah a very fair shake in the comic, but she is MUCH better off without Lorne. Let’s just say she saw a pretty face and realized it was attached to an obsessive anxiety boy and said “no thanks.”


I’ve said this elsewhere, but I have an inkling, or maybe a silent hope in my heart… that this leads to a polyamorous relationship between Jim, Merial and Lorne.

Anyone else hear ‘a sweep is as lucky as lucky can be’ in their heads during the montage?

I think Merial and Jim are a cute couple, have lots of fun together, and enjoy each others company. But I don’t see this relationship lasting beyond college, especially since Jim has obligations in England, and Merial’s family is in the USA. I think they’ll stay good friends, and be happy for each other and whoever the other winds up with.

Does Jim really have obligations in Liverpool, though? He’s in America to sort of uphold a family tradition, one Paul(bert) decided not to partake in when named Cave Guardian. It would be a massive jerk move for Jim to be named Cave Guardian instead at this point just because he has The Gift, especially as he’s rubbish at it so far.

Yeah, but on the other hand, Merial’s already told us (just 2 or 3 pages ago) that he’s been learning how to use the Gift, and you saw how upset Ravi got when he found out that someone without the Gift (probably several someones, since that’s how Jim’s father lost his tail and wings) had been assigned as Cave Guardian.

Plus, Jim never intended to finish the college degree anyway. He was only going to America for a year, which was over at the end of the semester (I think). So right now things are up in the air. Merial might want to stay to be near so many other non-humans. Michele might stay, though it’s up to her (with the kind of power she has as the last sphinx, I don’t think the elders could really force her to stay if she didn’t want to). What Greg and Jim do, probably depends on whether Michele stays or not. And there is at least one university in England that is also accredited in America (Cambridge, IIRC)… they could transfer their credits and continue their degree there.

However, we’ve got at least two months (in-comic) before they have to be back (or not). Remember, they have all summer, and the events of this chapter have taken only a few days.

While it does seem it would be kind of mean to have Paul loose his position of Cave Guardian simply for not having “The Gift”…well being cave guardian looks really dangerous, which is why having the stupid power was important, maybe so you can not die doing it. I’m generally in favor of Paul not being dead. Or at least maybe that makes it safer…It still seems pretty unclear as to what they’re guarding it from (everything that immediately comes to my mind are folks they think are extinct and/or fictional)

I feel like Paul would be much happier not being the guardian, to be honest. He seems to be really involved with managing his bands, and I personally think that if he got out of the obligation he’d be thrilled.

I personally think that Colin will be named Cavern Guardian, since he’s young enough to be able to totally master his Gift. Also it would maybe calm him down a little to be given some responsibility…

Jim Jim Jimmy Jim Jim

…Couldn’t resist =^.^=

Ouch, Lorne, you poor unfortunate soul.
Poor Leah too, but dang you got my respect girl.

Still, I can’t really see Tim and Lorne as that kind of pair, which means Lorne will be forced to let it go at somepoint, if he’s ever goin to move on (at least where this is concerned)

Talk about between a rock and a hard place.

When was dating between Merial and Jim implied? I guess that’s why Jim was alright with her kissing him back when Merial discovered her Nixie essence ability. That’s the only instance I can think of. Were there any other hints dropped though?

In Nixie spit they kissed and Merial told Jim to stop grousing because she let him go to first base, to which he answered he had been further than first base already.

And a happy birthday to you, Kory. Or as we say in France, bon anniversaire !

If nimean lion’s are indestructible then does that mean that when they go to the barbers do they a special kind of scissors to cut their hair?

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