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It’s about time we see who these elders are.

We’ve known for a while, at least 2 things about one of the other LA Elders already PJ. His nickname, and that he has a daughter called Vivian.
Exchanges chapter 2, page 31
Old man Carter.

Also, isn’t that one Nemean doctor an elder as well?

Yes, let’s talk to the elders, maybe we can get an explanation out of them. I don’t hate Ravi, but trying to get a straight answer out of him is like trying to get blood out of a turnip.

They could try not giving him dinner until he answered questions, but I can’t see that going better than any of the previous attempts.

Also what is a fittle? I bet it’s delicious.

Is it strange that I pretty much want to hug every single one of them, save Ravi? They’re all so concerned for Michelle that it’s heart-wrenching.

Nope I want to hug them too. Save Ravi.

But… but dinner? :(

lol. Either James conveniently forgot he’s a blowhard or he pretends and wishes he weren’t a blowhard.

The second I’m able to become a patron I’m requesting a blowup of the second panel with Greg carrying Michelle. The linework and coloring even at this level of detail and ‘distance’ is great with Greg being careful of her wing but by necessity has to put some pressure on it.

HEY Evey one out there I have question. If you could make up a legend creature what would you name, what would it look like, and where would you find it?

I would call it the crenomian hornbeast, it will look mostly human, except for four arms, horns on the head, big catlike claws and enormeous wings on the back.
It came originally from another planet, but its race landed on earth to start a new existence because their homeplanet was destroyed. When the mythics started to hide, the crenomians helped the sphinx to create medaillons. But after the great war only a few crenomians were left and they receeded back to their homebase, Atlantis, but one crenomian stayed in the L.A to watch over the mythics and to call the other crenomians, if necessery.
(And yes i know that i am a very big nerd. I try to put Aliens EVERYWHERE! Please forgive me for that)

That’s been and is still being done on Patreon, and it was also done as a Pledge Add-On tier for the Kickstarter for Kory’s book, Skin Deep Vol 3: Greetings, From Dogpatch
Some of the results of what the Kickstarter backers asked for were shown on Patreon.

Well I just to hear what people come up with. I didn’t know about that.

This is a copy-paste of how I came up with what I asked for as my commission pic from the Kickstarter

The idea I came up with for my pic was to fit to the time Skin Deep is set. The mid noughties. Make it serious Business style rather than the casual look which is prevalent.
The outfit in my pic is based on the real women’s pants suit I received as a birthday present in 2004. Tailored grey zip-front women’s jacket, and matched belted pants. I would always team it with a white blouse.
I was somewhat lucky as I had a couple of photos of me, taken in 2003 for use for reference for my appearance, and I managed to find a pic of a women’s jacket very similar to the one I had.
As a Nixie, a skirt, instead of the pants makes a lot of sense. :)

And the whole pic looks brilliant. :)

I only just noticed this: what’s that spectral hand/claw in middle of the second panel?

At first I thought it was Mary’s other claw, but she’s clearly got both of them up in front of her. It’s got the transparent and wispy-at-the-edges ghostly effect, and it looks like Ravi’s hand is going right through it. Nobody else is in that particular angle, so… whaaat?

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