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Not sure if its just me, but the lines on the last few pages seem mm. less. sharp than usual ? oh, the contrast seems to be lower would be a better way to phrase it. maybe the site is resizing things differently or something ?
idk if its just me, ignore me thanks.

Poor Michelle.

Also, are the scroll over remarks not working for anyone else?

The most important question of all! When’s dinner. 3

I dunno, Ravi’s been insufferable for a while, and most readers have been turned so viciously against him. Now things they would have liked about his exuberant personality are reviled. Interesting how arbitrary decisions of favor can alter one’s perceptions of the same things.

I try to stay honest with myself. Ravi can still be amusing and fun, when not being an insufferably pompous know it all, so that last panel, to me, is a return to the enjoyable Ravi. ^_^

To me, the last panel is not a return to an enjoyable Ravi.
To me, the last panel is a continuation of the uncaring immortal being Ravi.
All the Finns and Merial would be more concerned about Michelle’s well being than dinner. Ravi is too uncomprehending of mortal behaviour to realise that.

I’m choosing to interpret his fixation on dinner as failing to explain that the newly-empowered sphinxling is gonna be heckin’ FAMISHED after unlocking her power… and he didn’t think to EXPLAIN it.

In the last frame of the previous page, Ravi says, “If I had known that I would have tried to explain myself better!” Here on this page, yet again, we have Ravi NOT even thinking of trying to attempt to explain things better, so that mere mortals might understand. The entirety of this page would likely take place at most a minute after he’d said that on the previous page.

As an adult, when you explain something to a child, it’s hard sometimes to explain something especially when it’s kinda above them. Sometimes they even seem to get it, yet they don’t, and they get mad at you for not explaining it better.

Like Greg is yelling, “What does that mean?!” even though Ravi is explaining it as it is – he doesn’t realize that without the context of what happened in the caves or that the knowledge that all sphinxes share their power and knowledge, it’s confusing what he is saying. So for me, he’s not insufferable at all – he’s just not good at realizing that people are missing tons of context that he has when he says things.

He’s not uncaring, he just doesn’t see the point of worrying when he knows that this process SHOULDN’T hurt her, so why worry. It’s a part of her being coming back to her.

As mortals we worry when we’re unsure, and we are used to showing empathy even if there’s nothing we can do.

It’s what you say about how the Sphinxes shared their power, and how now, Michelle has ALL of it, that Ravi has not explained to Greg.
Even though explaining that to Greg would not change how Michelle is, at least then, Greg would understand better why Michelle is quite out of it.

But see, he doesn’t REALIZE that would help.

You tell a child for the first time 1 + 1 is 2. It’s so simple to you, and it makes total sense, and you don’t think you need any other context. But a child might not get the concept, and you just get frustrated because you don’t know know what context they’re missing, or what concept is not clicking.

Though with your child, you have an interest in making sure they understand. Someone else’s child, you may not want to invest as much in making sure they understand (as in, it’s not as important to you for them to get the whole picture).

Yeah he’s a very old immortal, but that’s how he sees mortals, and it’s hard for him to see how others see it.

I guess my two-year-old and 12-year-old give me some perspective XD

On the other hand, he also reminds me of myself when trying to explain something about computers to my parents. A few months ago my mother called and asked me how to move her pictures from her iPad to an external hard drive – easy, right?

Cue twenty straight minutes of me going “Just drag and drop – no, click and hold, /hold/ down the left mouse – and then drag – yes, just drag it – you know what, mom, just get someone to do it for you.”

Receiving untold magic powers sure works up an appetite.

How would you know? Your not a sphinx or are you?

Oi. Don’t discriminate; sphinxes aren’t the only kind to receive magic. And don’t question what people are, since A) Talking about RL violates net etiquette, and B) You don’t know what universe someone is communicating from.

Michelle and Ravi both made me laugh quite a bit over this page.

Michelle, for her insistent repeating that “Greg smells like grass” (the first time is when Bloodcarver let her go), and Ravi for being basically me: “FOOD TIME ALREADY.”

(And then Michelle does this too!)

Methinks I’ll get along great with those two. The three of us would be happy just eating and eating delicious food. :D

Ravi somehow reminds me of myself when I was younger.

I wasn’t the insufferable know-it-all (except about computers) when I was younger… but to this day my mother still has no idea why I’m not as big around the middle as Mario Batali.

I still remember going to the doctor when I was 12 (that was over 30 years ago) and the doctor filled out a prescription and told mom “remember, he needs to take this pill 2 hours before he eats.”

Her reply: “Doctor, that won’t work. It’s never two hours before he eats!” (I had a hyperactive metabolism when I was young.)

What’s a disk horse?


Discourse (n) written or spoken communication.
Stay away. (?)

In some circles of the internet “discourse” has become the favored term for what was once commonly known as “fan wank,” discussions that generate a great deal more heat than light. Last week’s comment section is a good example. It’s not fun for anyone and can discourage people from participating in the comment section at all. As such, it’s best if people consider if their comments might come across as inflammatory before posting.

‘Disk horse’? Wilde Life? Did I miss something?

Yes, is very good comic. Most of us are diversely ingrained in dozens if not hundreds of other webcomics, and oftentimes there is a large overlap in readers between comics. Plus comic artists themselves have a spiderweb of connections with each other, to the point that you will sometimes see one comic author making a cameo in the comments section of another comic.

Soooo….. are sphinxes basically super high when accessing the magical ancestoral memory

I don’t think so. It was mentioned that the power was evenly distributed between the Sphinxes, but since Michelle is the last one, she’s getting all of the power that used to be split up amongst hundreds of Sphinxes. So it makes sense she’d be out of it and overloaded.

Michelle is the last one to access a Sphinx power source, since the Sphinxes went into Hiding.
What unturned Spinxes there have been since going into Hiding, did not have access to a power source, or any education on Sphinx powers and abilities. Remember that Michael did not even know what the Medallion in the case was, only that it was a Family Heirloom that had to be kept safe for Good Luck.
So the questions are what were the other power sources that the other Sphinxes could access prior to and during The Great War, and what befell those power sources.
What I am thinking is that if Michelle had access to all those other power sources, on top of her sole access to ALL the power of the Sphinx race, that would likely move her up to being almost god-like in power and ability.

Okay. While Ravi certainly doesn’t win charmer of the year, I really think Greg is being a bit over-hostile. Ravi didn’t do anything to Michelle. He’s explained what’s happening to her a third time now. It makes sense. But I can get why Greg is overreacting and taking his fear out in hostility. Totally natural. I guess we may see Michelle’s eyes glow all the time now except when she is in human form. What an interesting character change.

I wonder, what would happen if Donald Trump would find out about the mythic community?

Hunting season and bounties.

I doubt it very much that Trump would be interested in that. At the current time in the story, Trump is busy in the US, promoting season 4 of his unreality TV show, The Apprentice.

Dubbya, Blair, and Howard, on the other paw though…
Those three going off their heads at learning of the existence of the Mythical Community and opening an unlimited hunting season… Yes, I can all too easily see that.

Well, at least her eyes aren’t smoking anymore.

And the return of the “You smell like grass” line. Where did that come from, again?

Way back in the first story, Michelle was captured and ultimately released by a dragon called the Bloodcarver. While Greg was holding her after her release, she blearily told Jimothy that Greg smelled like grass.

Did anyone else notice that there was no food on the table at the beginning of the chapter even though we say all of the characters that weren’t in the tunnels heading for the table?

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