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Much as I dislike Ravi, I agree with his reasoning.

Maybe Ravi just needs to call it the bloomin’ Force. Emphasis on the bloomin’.

I know it’s not gonna happen, doesn’t fit the tone of the comic and stuff, but I’d love to hear what Ravi thinks mortals mean when using the term ‘energy’ when discussing physical laws of nature. I don’t even need anything that in depth. I’d take anyone asking, “Lifting water ain’t physical?”

I love the way the characters are interacting with Ravi here. From Colin’s perspective, Ravi is the awesome guy who gave him magic. From Jim’s perspective, Ravi is the annoying know-it-all git who turned his hair into a plant and can’t stop talking cryptic if his life depended on it.

Phineas was the Red, his daughter Phineas II was the Green, so who is that lovely young lady gryphon with water around her paws?
Is it me or is Ravi more ready to answer questions from Colin without resorting to Wise-One-babbling? And Jim is really getting into a full time sulk.

On another note, I would love to be able to come to the convention. But… too far. Too far…

Some of the words Ravi used for Prana weren’t familiar to me – had to Google for it.
And hope Jim get over this all… its beggining to get on my nerves seeing him all hyper grumpy and complaining lots (imo) – and yea, I know his relationship with Ravi is complicated to boost.

I think Jim’s main problem is that deep down he believes that if he develops these abilities he’s going to be resigned to settling down and being a Cavern Guardian, and that will take away his freedom. This is something that Jim does not want AT ALL! So he has this huge mental block that’s preventing him from getting in touch with his powers.

By the way…is that fountain there specifically so that Water gifted Finns would be able to use their powers in the cave? I’ve noticed other repositories of water as well as we’ve traversed them, and I figure it makes sense the cave would have been designed – in the generations that knew of it – to ensure that Finns could use their elemental powers to decent effect down there.

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