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Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 12

Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 12 published on 14 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 12

Yeah Michelle, why don’t you just trust the demon you just met?? Come on!!

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Yeah, like I said a few pages back. I don’t think Vera wants to take over the mortal plane, I think she wants to move there. She’s wearing clothes, her hair is braided, she’s mimicking human things. If you look at the Grimm brothers you don’t see any of that on them.

That being said, Vera is currently far too impulsive and willful with her power-draining ability to have an amulet, she would need to learn how to act like a human if she wants a medallion. Harkening what Mary said back in the previous chapter about monsters not being able to fit in, although most of that is probably racist.

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