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Illumination 3 Page 44

Illumination 3 Page 44 published on 38 Comments on Illumination 3 Page 44

Happy New Year! It’s the first page of 2018! I can’t wait to show you what Skin Deep has in store for this year!

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Here’s to a great 2018!


Ok, while I can understand Jim’s saltiness, it is becoming a little much now. Being that salty won’t help anyone, much less yourself, Jimmy Boy. It’s a New Power! Why not learn how to use it?

Maybe he will yet. Who says it has to be from Ravi when Tim and Madam U are at hand and those totem contacts are back in the States? Or, if it has to be Ravi, I doubt respect is necessary to learn the magic. And last but not least, “Don’t worry, we can easily fix how your fathers failing short of my design has messed you up,” is not a good sales pitch.

He’s been trying and failing, and Colin picking up being able to move water almost instantly has made Jim feel discouraged.

Has he been trying? I don’t seem to recall him showing any interest in his powers and he’s been openly hostile towards Ravi from the get-go, before powers were even a topic. From what I can recall, he’s been grumpy because Colin’s turning and the curse presenting with the reawakened some old insecurity/struggle Jim’s had dealing with ‘the curse’, and I think the issue is that it has been something of an obstacle he’s had to work out and come to live with on his own, while for Colin it’s a fun gift that he’s been getting all the answers Jim would have wished he had dumped on him from the get-go.

“Not to disparage your relatives…”, Ravi, learning diplomacy. Like a singer with sour pitch trying to hit the right note and going all over the place.

And poor Jim getting ready for a world of hurt as a failure. Must have been hard to grow up a freak, no wonder he has that in your face attitude and that inner fear of being a failure… again. I hope he will get his hands on his power. Especially as something had happened already when Michelle had healed him, with her eyes going green and his going white.

I just looked at that page Michael’s eyes did not turn green. They turned gulp g-g-ghostly white.
Also did Michael always have green irises?

Yunno one thing thats had me curious that, if Yaksha can take any form they want, why did Ravi choose balding middle aged man?

Hmmm… I wonder when Ravi moved back. Was it before or after Jim was born? Perhaps the powers were could only be activated genetically if Ravi was nearby. It would explain why Jim’s family didn’t know about them. They would have stopped being passed down the line when Ravi moved away.

Weren’t people in Jims family being born with weird hair anyway?

No they weren’t. Remember Jim mentioned that no one had the colored hair for generations? It’s why his family thought Jim was cursed. Phineas and his daughter were the last ones in recorded history to have Ravi’s gift and it seems like history books might have failed to mention that the colored hair came with elemental powers.

Oh, wow… That could explain a lot of things—including Jim’s family not knowing the significance of the crazy hair colors and Ravi being PO’d at Jim’s family for “neglecting” the gift he gave Phinea’s line. It makes one wonder if his relatives or someone else interfered so they didn’t present in the future generations after he left.

Your prana Jim. Your PRANA.

Also, I suspect part of Jim’s crankiness is from Colin’s enthusiasm. Ravi has *stolen Colin’s hero worship from Jim* (from his perspective). Quite a hit on top of everything else.

Also – given the state of Jim’s father and the absence entire of his grandfather, Ravi’s statement of amazement they were able to protect the egg without his powers seems kinda justified honestly. It clearly was a close call at times.

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