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Illumination 3 page 48

Illumination 3 page 48 published on 55 Comments on Illumination 3 page 48

Ravi jeezey petes STOP with that.



Do you like tabletop roleplaying? Do you like 5e? Do you like 1980/90s neon aesthetic vaporwave nightmare monsters? Well I got a Kickstarter for you! It’s a 5e bestiary! I’m in it! I think you’ll like the critter I made for this, as well as everybody else’s amazing contributions! There’s only a week left to snag it!


Just a poke and things grow. I wonder if Jim had a natural affinity for keeping house plants alive when he was younger

Colin’s mane is gonna be fairly easy to cut then, no hair bits on the floor

And if they’ve yet to discover the Avatar series I think both Colon and Jim will love it to bits

I guess as long as you cut Colin’s hair in a bathtub or someplace you don’t mind getting wet. Maybe a pool.

Also, in storyline the Avatar just started airing the same year, it’s actually kinda fitting.

And as long as you don’t mind the everlasting torment of the effort being wasted as it grows back a few moments later… lol

Forgot for a sec… of course now I realise Ravi’s “clever” touch led to Finns with the gift having permanently long, conspicuous, unnatrually colored manes _that carry over into human form._
Perhaps he should’ve thought that one through a bit…

I’m guessing that like Jim’s hair, Colin’s will always grow back instantly. I remember Jim saying that his hair didn’t become the length it currently is until he hit puberty, (age 16 if I recall correctly), which also came with a growth spurt.

Now I’m worried about Colin getting dehydrated from trying to use too much of his hair for magic.

I don’t think it uses his body’s natural water for his hair.

I’d bet it draws it from the humidity surrounding him, me. I love the tight curl structure of Colin’s hair– adorable! Man, THAT’LL be gorgeous when it grows long!

I am wondering if the guardianship/abilities always go to males in the family line; so far there are three examples shown, and all three are male. ???

Colin (in shower, later): … Dreadlocks! … Mohican! … Afro! … Spikes! … Emo fringe covering one eye! … Long, girly plait! …. nnnnnn… cornrows! … No. 1 cut with… “COOL FINN” shaved in the back! … Floor length, extra big! *wraps hair around himself* Heee! *turns shower off, banishes extraneous water* Who needs a towel? Or clothes? *marches proudly out of bathroom, entirely enveloped in his own hair, straight past Mary*

Mary: …–~~~~ I am going to kill that Ravi. *stalks away muttering*


Well they’re awfully lucky that neither of them got ginger hair…

Wonder if you’d have to cut that while holding it up, to avoid rest the mane going up in smoke too.

Alsoalso they probably will have some secondary way of utilising the mane, ‘cose having to snip every time you need your element, seems a tad inconvenient. Always need to carry scissors with you…

Quick! One of you grab the scissors and cut Ravi’s hair!

Which one?

All of them. Remind him about personal space by violating HIS.

Of course he’ll either like it (shudder) or he’ll do something violently magical to you (shudder again) but he won’t notice that it was an attempt to make a point about HIS behavior … because he still doesn’t think of them as separate beings who have their own motivations outside of his.

I guess this explains why the curse skipped Tobias. Only for maned gryphons?

Probably. I wonder if that will make Tobias feel even worse about the fact he isn’t a maned gryphon?

So if we base power on hair color who would have what.
List your hair color below then what power of nature that would be.
My hair color is brown so I guess my power is Earth?

Right! Cut it and you’re holding a bunch of dirt. Not sure what that gets you.

**grin** One thing I *really love* about the whole humongous-mane idea is how similar it is to old-school Japanese manga/anime indications of power– look at Ushio & Tora (one of my favorites) or any of the <Dragonball series! You have (or gain) innate powers, and then whoosh! LOTS OF HAIR!

Is Ravi going bald? I remember at the beginning he had more hair than he has now. And why is he just now losing it?

Oh man I didn’t even realize… not only that but he looks older, too. I wonder if this is what happens to his physical body when he spends too much time meddling in the real world? Maybe there was a reason besides his family getting annoyed at him that he had to hibernate so long.

Assuming the Finns home in the Avalon is a townhouse rather than an apartment, I imagine Jimothy and Colin together will be able to do impressive things with the obligatory roof garden. And what sort of “topiaries” might Jimothy create?

Huh…I honestly didn’t expect all of them to work that way, but he’s right, that’s a very good idea on his part. I think I see why he was so darn proud of his work, it’s really an amazing piece of magic all around.

Must have been very upsetting, after breaking major rules and getting censured for centuries to create this magical wonder, to find out it all went up in smoke the moment he left the continent. Ahem.

HEY – the carving of Phineas has the correct expression! There’s that innocent baby grin. I’d have expected the statue to conform more to notions of heroics than to reality. I guess it was made by people who really knew and loved him for who he was.

Also – see Jim, you CAN do it…once you stop sulking.

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