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Illumination 3 Page 47

Illumination 3 Page 47 published on 60 Comments on Illumination 3 Page 47

I shouldn’t have to say this but Ravi is not a role model. Don’t act like Ravi. You should never touch anyone’s hair without permission, that’s a pretty unforgivable move.

I got new stuff in the store! Earrings and Pins and stuff!


That “your hair has always been plants” sounds kind of creepy. what about the plants’ roots?

Also, nice try Jim, but now you must go through torture, aka Ravi. good luck

“It has always been plants, my dear boy! You, too, will be plants eventually! Immortality is fun! :D”

…Either Ravi carries around a big pair of scissors or he’s capable of outright conjuring one whenever he wants, either explanation having some pretty weird implications…

Gotta say, all this may be worth it if Jim doesn’t have to have long ass hair anymore. He looks better with short hair in my opinion.

So… Does he get to choose what kind of plants his hair turns into? What about herbs? Jim could make bank by growing saffron. Or instantly have herbs de provenance on hand by adding his magic hair to soups or stews. Just too bad he isn’t french to even consider cooking implications.

I think that green should = earth bending not nature bending but that is just me.

How many green rocks have you seen?

Many actually, such as Jade, Emerald, and some other precious, semiprecious and bog-standard stones. Still, brown is more common, so I’d expect that to be earth more than green.

Not exactly what I was talking about. You see the four elements of Earth are represented by four different colors. Air is white, fire is red, water is blue, and Earth green. And I am not just going off of avatar the last air bender here.

Ravi is Indian, so his elemental chart would probably be the Chinese one which is Wood, fire, air, water, earth, and metal.

That’s kind of convenient, now that I think about it. If Jim manages to master his plant wielding abilities, he’ll always have a weapon on him, unlike Colin who would need to be near a water source to use his.

A human body is made of 60% of water. Just hope that Colin stays a nice guy and wouldn’t even think of it.

Anybody who’s seen Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood knows how that turns out.

It’s a matter of perspective. As far as Ravi is concerned, that hair pretty much belongs to him, along with Jim and Colin’s abilities.

I never thought of it that way. I’m still siding with Ravi, but only because I’m assuming this’ll get Jum to learn to use his magic to regrow that hair back. It is still a rude gesture, but it’s not without purpose.

Jimothy? A word in your ear: Keep growing your mane back (not that you have a choice or anything.) The Prince Valiant look just doesn’t work for you, I’m afraid. Also, is part of the reason you’re so freakin’ angry because some little part of you *recognizes* that you should’ve been trained in the use of your powers long ago but never were? Just wondering.

I think that’s part of it, but I think he’s mad because he wanted to travel the world, only to find out he now has to stay and guard the Phoenix egg. I think he’s also frustrated because Colin picked up on how to move water around instantly, while Jim can’t control his plant abilities at all. Plus he has to live up to famous figures like Phineas and his daughter, which puts a lot of pressure on him.

Yeah, here’s hoping Ravi will be sent packing back to the India Peninsular Area preferably with emphasis by two or three annoyed strapping Yaksha bodyguards because he keeps showing his utter lack of actual respect.

Perhaps with them along to temper his … enthusiasm … he might be able to help put things back in better order.

Jim does have Earth magic. Ravi states it at the beginning of Illuminations, just before he first turns Jim’s hair into plants. Illuminations Ch1 Pg 30. “I have seen Paulbert, he does not have the gift! How can he possibly be expected to guard the egg without elemental help? You have Earth Magic, what does he have? Nothing!”

Okay, so the earth users don’t need any help because they are already carrying their armory on their head, and it instantly replenishes itself. Water users have the fountain and the smaller basins. Air…well, try and get away from it. That leaves fire – if fire users need a fire source to start with. Like the candles. I guess when they get a new redhead they’ll have to keep the candles lit again.

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