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Oh boy the work on the top panel definitely shows. It looks fantastic!

And that place certainly is familiar. Is that the entrance to the Finn family caves? Most likely

Hmm… an island in Greece with non-humans who want new lives? I’m wondering if maybe a human Josasta (or an ancestor, how long do sphinxes live anyway?) was the one that changed Anthony’s mother to human form? That old lady sure doesn’t look human. Look more half-goat or ram than anything else.

Hmm… there’s another sorcerer in the comic with some ram-like features. Perhaps horns are not as uncommon a mishap to those humans who use magic regularly. She looks long lived, perhaps horns aren’t the only magical mishaps side effects she’s had. There might be no connection, but it’s fun to guess.

Calypso’s island? Now that sounds fishy to me anybody else have a clue what the island is called.

Considering that they don’t yet have children and are about to split up, that can only mean one thing: goodbye sex.

I’m sorry, but there is a plot hole otherwise, and we cannot have THAT.

No, there isn’t a plot hole if they don’t have “goodbye sex”. Who says they have to have sex with each other?

After all, Michelle’s last name is Jocasta. That just means that at some point Jocasta had sex. It doesn’t say anything about “with who”… remember, the medallions create a genetic shortcut, allowing them to have children even if the parents are of two completely different races. For example, a sphinx mother and a human father.

Michelle’s name is Jocasta, but it’s been revealed that her father was an Egyptian sphinx (no wings), while she is an Grecian sphinx. So if Michelle took her last name from her father that would be HE was this Jocasta’s descendant. So most likely these two are a couple. Unless Jocasta finds another Egyptian sphinx to settle down with…

There’s also the possibility that sphinxes are sexually dimorphic, with females mirroring the depiction of sphinxes in greece, and males mirroring egyptian sphinx appearance. Kory has previously stated that the differences between the two types of sphinxes are not well understood, and that this is one possible explanation.

That’s what I was getting at. Thanks, Altariasong.

Kory has already suggested (and I seem to recall it was explicitly mentioned in a Reader Question, but I could be wrong… I’ll have to go back and check) that male sphinxes always look like Egyptian sphinxes, and female sphinxes always look like Greek sphinxes. If this is the case, it means that her father… despite being an Egyptian sphinx… does NOT have to be related to Wosret at all!

I really think that makes the most sense. Also, if Michelle is only related to Jocasta, that means a spinx (or several) who are not related to her could be running around. She also could have relatives who are spinxes depending on how many of Jocasta’s children and grandchildren had babies. Then some people have the theory her father is from one bloodline and her mother is from another.

Island off the coast of Greece? Hmm, would that, perchance, happen to be the same island that was home to a harpy that married a sailor named Gillis? Tony may be more key to Michelle’s story than it seemed at first. His mother might never be allowed to return, but HE could.

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