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I like how Ravi seems to think higher of Phineas someone who is clearly not thought of as a great leader and then is convinced he needs to hold the hands of his respected descendants

What? Him *not* holding their hands and coming forward when he returned to Liverpool is why people are so angry at him– Jim asks why he didn’t say anything about the curse or expectations around it for years and Ravi admits he just assumed everything was hunky-dory when he saw Jim had inherited The Gift.

Better hope he’s responsible. I’m not as worried about with the egg, so much as with fire magic he’s soon to have.

-watches the world go up in flames-

Phineas: I am the god of mage fire, and I bring you: *strums lute* ♪Fire; I’ll teach you to burn…♪

Ravi: *hums along*

Roll forward to 1967…

James Finn: *knocks on car window* Hello?! Wakey wakey, mate. …Ye’ve parked in front of our gates, mate.

Arthur Brown: Uh… *rubs eyes* *winds down window* Sorry mate. I’ll move in just a sec.

James Finn: Next quarter-hour’s fine. Cheers. *turns to go*

Arthur Brown: Cheers. I just need to jot down this amazing song I just dreamed up. *grabs notepad and pencil, writes* I.. am.. the.. God.. of.. Mage.. Fire.. and.. I. bring.. you… …*crosses out “Mage Fire”, writes in “Hellfire”* :-) Fire! …♪dum dum derrr♪… I could even dress up as that funky griffin… with a fiery headpiece, too… *writes* ♪I’ll.. ♪teach.. ♪you.. ♪to.. ♪burn…


Enter the age of Extinction music here.

Next add voice of announcer.

” Lady’s and gentlemen tonight we have two species ready to duke it out. In the left corner weighing at an inconceivable amount we have the DRAGONS!!! And in the right corner weighing in at an incredible 420 pounds and fighting for very existence it’s the SPHINX’S. Now let’s get ready to RUMBLE!!!

Insert are you ready for this music here.

Phineas: …I have the potential to be responsible!

Wosret & Jocasta: *SKEPTICISM*

Ravi: He has me, to ensure that he stays responsible!

Wosret: *facepalm*

Jocasta: *sudden VISION* —->

{Vision: just outside the cave entrance, a group of dragons have Wosret and Jocasta captive. A superimposed caption flashes “WORST CASE SCENARIO”.

Dragon 1: Come out of there! Both of you!
Dragon 2: We’ll make it quick!

Dragon 3: Shhhhh! *listens* …Why you superior little Industani-
Dragon 4: Let me try another narrow-jet flame, at the bottom of the cave this time! *inhaaaaale – whooooooooooooooooosh!*

Dragon 3: *listens* No, they’re still alive… and the gryphon’s singing…
Dragon 1: *listens* He’s- I have a most magnificent hide, you mangy gryphon!!
Dragon 2: And I don’t have snaggleteeth, you most annoying thing!!! Alright, fellows, let’s blow the back of their damn cave out! All together, on three! One… Two…
Dragon 4: Er-
Dragon 2: Three!
Wosret & Jocasta: *flame shield magic*

Dragon 3: Aaaagh! Blowback!
Dragon 5: I knew this was going to happen.
Dragon 2: My eyes are sooted up!
Jocasta & Wosret: *wriggle free and slip away in the confusion*
Dragon 4: I tried to tell you-
Dragon 1: Yes, yes… did we get them?
Dragon 3: …No, the gryphon’s still singing.
Dragon 2: Er, the captive I was holding is gone. I think we might have incinerated her.
Dragon 3: …Same here. Damn.
Dragon 1: Never mind that! We have to stay at this! What shall we try next?

Dragon 4: …I notice that everyone is looking at me…

vision fades}

Jocasta: I have just had a vision… and it seems that this is the best plan we have. Go forth, my friends, you have my trust that you will act for the best!

Phineas & Ravi: ^V^


If that is the best case scenario then I am a dead monkey walking.

The dead monkey walking was a line from a TV show called captain simian and the space monkeys. Awesome show, I totally suggest watching it.

I forgot to add that this TV show was aired in the 1960s.

The Black Panther’s character is so unique not only because he is a king of an African kingdom but also because he was one of the first canonically African characters in comics.  For 1966, the Black Panther character was very controversial and wasn’t immediately popular.

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