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Congratulations! Your Phineas Evolved into Phineas The Red!

Phineas wants to learn FIRE, but has too many moves. Forget IRRESPONSIBILITY to learn FIRE?

All joking aside though, kind of a dick move on Ravi’s part to do that without asking or giving any warning.

This kind of shows why this may not have been recorded as a gift, it happened fast and without a lot of prior explanation. Also, how well does Phineas understand what Ravi is? Is he just a “Magic talking bird” or does he understand what type of creature he really is?

Dick moves are kind of Ravi’s wheelhouse. It’s not because he’s actually a dick, but he tends to think everybody’s on the same page he is when they can’t even see the book.

If you look at mythology and religions, even benevolent gods are doing this kind of stuff to people all the time. Look at Job in the Bible, the victim of what was essentially a bar bet.

Dude, Ravi does not respect people’s bodies AT ALL. Can this please be addressed in the comic? I really feel like he’s getting a pass on something that is fundamentally uncool.

Yeah, Ravi just altered Phineas’ physiology in a way that is going to affect his family line for centuries to come without asking. Before this page, I had always assumed that the Finns had signed up for all of this. I mean, Phineas did sign up for guard duty, but Ravi made some uncomfortably unilateral decisions about what exactly that entails.

I’ve said it before: Ravi’s people are usually described as “nature spirits”, but some myths explicitly describe them as having as much power as a god, or the next step down (in some myths, they were the guardians of the gods. Think “Secret Service” but on a divine level.) From Ravi’s point of view, we might look like a bunch of little ants, even if he does his best not to express that opinion aloud.

If this wasn’t a webcomic, we would all probably be grateful that Ravi is as easy-going as he is. It’s usually a bad idea to call a god, or someone with almost as much power as a god, out on his behavior, no matter how uncool it is. Would you call Ares out on his behavior? Of course not. He’d probably kill you, then kill everyone else in your hometown for fun, then sentence you to eternal torment in Tartarus (which in Roman mythology was a worse place than hell). In Ravi’s case, he’d probably not even care, just like he’s not even acknowledged any of Jim’s complaints.

Something about this made me even LESS okay with Ravi. Like, the juxtaposition of “woah respect people’s boundaries with regards to their own physical body” and “well hey in the comic universe he’s a god or close to it, let him do whatever and just be glad he doesn’t kill you.” I get that the comment I’m replying to is almost certainly looking at the situation from a purely mythos point of view…. but the OP is clearly looking at it from a “people manipulating your own body without your consent” point of view and gosh dang I am just so uncomfortable right now.

And now they no longer need a fire to keep warm at night! They can just ask Phineas to keep his tail burning.

Seriously, though, Ravi? If we thought that present-day-you was thoughtless and impulsive, well, now we know better. Because this-era’s-you is WAY worse. Don’t dump elemental powers on a person! That way horrific fables lie, and they all end with “…and everybody got burned to ashes.”

Wow, beautiful last image. And that stunned look is priceless.

And one suddenly understands why Ravi’s kind do not take kindly to any of them meddling with the rest of the world. When you can do anything to everything you end up running rough shoes over everyone, for their own good, because you know best.
I would say that given Phineas’ personality he would probably have accepted the offer of having a magical power to help him protect the egg if Ravi had only asked, and thinking so Ravi just didn’t bother with all the steps of asking and discussing, going straight to the giving. Waiting to see how Phineas is going to react to this.

The rummaging makes me laugh; was there just a switch in the enormous mane that needed to be flipped? Also, Ravi is really, REALLY overstepping the boundaries of friendship here- friends ask friends before bestowing major mythical power upon them, especially when it changes hair color.

Phineas: I just peed myself.

Jocasta: well this is an interesting turn of events.

Worset: holy cowpies. What the helheim ravi. This has to be the dumbest plan in the history of dumb plans.

Ravi: I assure you my friend that…

Worset: oh no you do not get to say my friend. You have put the face of my kind in the hands of a fool that will probably get the egg stolen in the first five seconds it is out of our site.

Well at least that is what is going through my head of what the next page is going to be like although I am now having a preminison of the total opposite thing happening. Love how the comic is going by the way Kory. Hugs

So I feel like it was Phineas who told the white dragon she might have a shot at getting an amulet, and also Phineas who knocked over the phoenix egg in the shop while they were gone (he DID have it for seemingly no reason and part of an earlier vision suggested as much, but he also accurately described the dragon.) If that is the case, was Ravi present that night BEFORE the fire or did he show up after? He seems like a fairly constant companion. He might be knowingly breaking the Don’t Interfere rules to give his friend a dramatic way to assuage his guilt. I wonder if that’s why he just DID IT thinking it would be fine rather than it simply being “immortal beings don’t really believe in mortals having bodily autonomy for because Power.”

… that’s an awful lot of loops to go jumping through to only explain and not even -excuse- a butts behavior. Ravi why you gotta be like this

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