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Illumination 3 Page 54

Illumination 3 Page 54 published on 15 Comments on Illumination 3 Page 54

Hey!! I’m a part of a couple Kickstarters that are ending really soon that you might want to be part of!

The first is Almost Real: A Speculative Biology Zine! It’s like a Zoobook, but with made-up creatures! I’m really excited about this book, and my creature is kind of a smush-up of a cheetah and a goat and also a bat and kind of a whale and it has an upsidedown head?? It’s cool, trust me.

The other is the 6th Extinction Deck, a deck of cards featuring extinct animals from the ice-age up until present day! I’ll be doing a card about the Passenger Pigeon and the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker!

Anyway, check them out! They are both ending really soon!


Really?! Michelle, you’ve just tapped into the hive mind of the ?Sphinx/Sphinxes?. That alone should be awesome. You can learn the secrets of the medallions. Hint: repair them. Or, make new ones!

You’ve have two or three thousands years worth of knowledge in your memory. Probably in a big heap. You have 48 hours to sort it all out and absorb it or the world as you know it will end… whoops…
It’s probably not that bad but add to that the hesitation of a 17 years old young woman and you can understand she is a bit overwhelmed. Anyone would be.

I don’t think she got Sphinx’s memory, just their “power”.
She has the magical capability to repair or make medallions. It would probably take her months or years of study to understand how they were made, and be able to reproduce it.

Or maybe use of magic like that is instinctive. Either way, she does not have thousands of years of knowledge or memories in her head.

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