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I wonder if with the knowledge of what happened Michelle got as well the knowledge of how to make medallions.
And by the way, why are Michelle’s eyes light grey? Aren’t they supposed to be dark? (or sphinx magic white?)

Well if look at Jo’s eyes when she is talking to the dragon we see that her eyes are the same color as Michael’s. I think it has something to do with all of Sphinx’s power with her but it is really hard to focus that power while giving the illusion of your human form so it would stand to reason that if you look normal everywhere else on your body then people will gloss over the eyes but that is if only they didn’t know you when you had normal colored eyes.

I love the way Michelle and Gregory assume complete human form to go outside, with Gregory carefully covering his ears to avoid suspicion. And then they sit down next to a sea monster.

I just wanna say, Ravi is IMMENSLY irresponsible. He left the Finns to their own devices with what I assume was relatively little guidance for who knows how long, and when he come back he’s all like “what the heck, I leave for a few hundred years and you ruin everything?!”. He needs to learn to take responsibility for what he does, and to recognize the fact that he screwed up. Sure, the Fins are a little to blame, but still!

And yeah, I know this is about a week late, but hey, nobodys perfect.

This is going to sound like stupid nitpicking, but did the docks suddenly grow safety rails since Jim went abroad?

I was there years back, our ship was there for a few ‘open days’. Wifey and i went exploring a bit after visiting the Titanic exhibit, and, yes, on some areas there were guard rails. None on the broad work piers, but on some of the narrower ones and not everywhere…
The whole thing (what is the Avalon in the story) is gone now. They’ve torn the lot down and build the Echo Arena there. I’m not quite sure if they filled everything in, or if Michelle is sitting on the south side of Dukes Dock.
In those days (around 1990) the whole area was pretty run-down and hardly anyone came there. It would have been a good place for them all to sit outside in whatever form they liked. Fits nicely with the idea of an Avalon, too.

Wait, what? I thought the Avalon was stated to be in the Stanley Dock Tobacco Warehouse. Hence why Stanley is named Stanley. Also if it is the Stanley Tobacco Warehouse then yes, there are railings. You can see pictures online.

You are right: Illumination, Chapter1 pg.17, 1st picture. Entirely my mistake. :(
…Don’t know how i got those to sites mixed up. Been at both sites. Then again it’s over a quarter of a century ago…
Again – my apologies for being a know-it-all. (muttering grumpily away)

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