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Heh. Look at Jim’s neck floof.

The floofyness is out of control.

♫This floof is out of control,
I’m gonna burn this Ravi, burn this Ravi!♫


(And yes, Franz Ferdinand had released This Fire a year ago at this time.)

If *someone* doesn’t get a more complete explanation from Ravi soon, I get the feeling Ravi is going to get a real tell off by at least one Finn….

Guess who’s coming to dinner.

Does Ravi know anything about personal space?

I approve of the inordinate amount of floof going on with Jim. xD

Now that is a bit surprising. James has been around for just over a century at this point (and that could have been one hell of a birthday party we missed a few months back!), but Ravi never found the time to introduce himself? How many generations has he been out of contact??

Ravi: And how is your puppy, by the way? Martha, I think her name was… I expect she’s all grown up now, eh?

Ravi: Hello, sir. You remember I purchased one of these newfangled “lawn mowers” from you yesterday. Well, I had a look at the lawn that I intended to use it on, and it appears that I have neglected it for longer than I had thought… so could I perhaps exchange this lawn mower – which is unused – for one of these newfangled “chain saws”?

And how does he handle “Best before:” dates…? >:=/>

So maybe:

Ravi: This “personal space” thing that you speak of… I am pretty sure that it is just another passing fad. And I have seen so very many of them come and go, my friends! X-D *shoulder-gloms Jim and James*

James: :-|

Jim: |-(


We don’t, yet, know where, what, or who, Ravi has been, for the past 600 or so years.
All we can be relatively sure of is he left the UK within a generation of the end of the Great War, and he returned sometime in the mid to late 1980s, after Paul was hatched, and before Jim was conceived.

We don’t know that it was within a generation of the Great War. We know that he was around for Phineas II, and we know that he was apparently gone for several generations before Jim was born. We don’t know if there were others with the “curse” after Phineas II but before he left, though.

oh Jimothy, your neck-floof is hysterical. Do tailed, furred and feathered sentients get taught deportment classes in control so that they’re not constantly betraying their emotions? Tail-twitches, flared neck-ruffs, ear and/or whisker position, mantled or sleeked-down wings….. Politicians among them must have a tough time of it.

…..and extrapolating further on this theme….. oh man. It must be SHEER HELL to be a teenaged boy in this society, especially around cute girls (or cute boys, whichever) and with the partial or full nudity of true shapes. Yeep. LOTS of cold showers and self-control.

While I am enjoying Jim’s neck floof as much as anyone…I think it may be time to let him off the hook just a bit.

It is surprising that Ravi has clearly not kept in contact with the Finns doe what must be a generation or more.
He is in serious need of a clue machine to spend a quarter on.


Well, a few more minutes of this stuff and Jim is gonna split down the middle. That explosion may be memorable. Even more so if it forces Ravi to take his ‘natural’ form, just to keep his head attached to the body…

Somebody was venting the idea (in the comments for the last page) that Ravi was showing off anger and enthusiasm as an act. I beg to differ. IMHO he just has the emotional range of a puppy dog – He flops from one extreme to another, but luckily mainly stay on the friendly side.
Combined with his ability to create cunning plans, not understanding how people can’t see his gifts as such, unable to read their feelings… He behaves like he is in the Autistic spectrum, close to Aspergers syndrome! And with a touch of ADHD.
Is this compatible with his ‘job’ as a guardian or caretaker deity?

It’s always dangerous to ascribe neurological defects to gods. And I have ADHD but I don’t act like THAT!

Also considering some yaksha are known to EAT people, best to avoid his bite altogether.


I have a 23-year old son that’s a full-blown Autist, so some of Ravi’s behaviour aspects have a very well-known feel to them…

My son is very quiet (if not timid), and he simply cannot detect other peoples feelings – they have to be explained carefully to him. But when he gets aware, he’ll do anything to respect those feelings.
And one of our friends sons have ADHD – he talks like a waterfall, runs around on the walls etc… you have to more or less sit on him to keep him calm for a couple of minutes!

I will certainly not suggest that you behave like Ravi – after all, everybody in the autist/ADHD spectrum are different, and i don’t know you at all.
But Ravi’s behaviour indicates something…similar. If not similar to you, then similar to others.

And in the light of other peoples distrust in him here on the forum – i believe that he can be trusted. Ravi is simply just not aware that people need stuff explaining: he knows, so everybody _must_ know, right? So don’t distrust him: tell him you don’t know and ask him to explain – and he will be happy as a puppy to do so!

Guess who is going to be less than impressed when he gets told Jim is meant to be the next guardian >:)

If I could do my part to clear up what’s up with Ravi. The situation isn’t that Ravi ignores or doesn’t care for social norms, his greeting to Jim’s mom is within social norms if a bit enthusiastic, the real issue can be cleared up by his greeting to Jim’s dad. He feels like the Finn family is literally his children so he acts like a really great uncle which also within social norm. The Finns are of-coarse completely ignorant of there familiarity.

Ravi’s hands are so expressive I love it. He moves like he’s used to having some other kind of limbs – which maybe he has, although based on what I could find about Yakshas, his limbs probably weren’t THAT different.
Also, omg stop leading us on

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