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WATER! So the hair colors do indicate magical affinity! Good to have that debate resolved. The question now is WHY the magic is needed in the Finn family in the first place.

Obviously to safeguard the phoenix egg! If its rebirth powers could be tapped, it could mean a new lease on life for sphinxes- or a calamity in the claws of Bloodthirster and the demons.

Ahaha! Merial in the background of panel 4! Mary starting to change in panel 3 and fuly midform by panel 5! Also Colin’s expressions!
Fab job as usual, Kory!

I wonder if she was trying to protect Colin, or merely her outfit?

Startled by the turn of events, and trying to protect Colin.

I’m thinking she knows more than the rest of the family about their inherent magic, if her wary willingness to hear Ravi out means anything. She gave birth (well, laid the eggs, anyway) to two ‘cursed’ Finns; you can’t tell me she wouldn’t have read every bit of related lore available.

Well I can see someone abusing their powers in about two seconds to a week from now.
Looks like the Finns are gonna have a lot to deal with. LOL

Colin’s certainly at the age where “Look what I can do!” is just too hard to resist.

Just imagine: Toilets geysering midway through your business. The terror!

Wow, thumbs and water powers?! This has been a big chapter for Colin!

(Also happy nine years! I wish I had any idea how many of those I’ve been reading for, but…gosh, it must be at least six or seven. I remember telling my brother about it when I visited him during spring break of my junior year of college, and that would have been 2009. So…anyway, thanks for making an amazing comic that still remains one of my favorites after all this time.)

Happy ninth Annerbirthdaying! :D And obviously the Finns have magic to protect the Phoenix egg. Since phoenixes are known for regenerating, their egg might be able to revitalize a dying race (hint, hint).

Not so much a dying race, but a HIDING race.
In Michelle’s Vision, there were tendrils coming off the Phoneix egg, with Medallions hanging from the tendrils.
I am now wondering if those are some of the Sphinx Medallions recovered during and after the Great War.
So the next question is how to find the unknown, human form, sphinxes. If some can be found, they will need Medallions.

*coughcough* Sam Hain *coughcough*

What are you thinking that Sam Ainesborough would be able to do?
Make Medallions? No-one, yet, FULLY understands Medallion Magic. First you have to understand the Magic itself, how it works, and stays in a Medallion. Then you have to figure out how to recreate the Spells themselves. Then you have to figure out how to ‘charge up’ a new Medallion with those Spells and raw Magic enough to power the Spells, over the Millennia.
Find the hidden, unturned sphinxes? Sam is, supposedly, a gryphon. He is not a bugbear.

Sam’s mother is believed to be human, but there’s always a chance she’s an unturned something else. Say, something nobody has an amulet for, so since they can’t turn her, they presume she must be human.

Being a sphinx would explain his pointy teeth, and why the gryphon medallion doesn’t work.

Happy Anniversary! Been reading for around 6 of the 9 (pretty sure I started partway through the first chapter of Exchanges). It’s been a fun (if sometimes slow-paced) ride. Here’s to lots more years in the future!

As for the page, I am super happy to see Colin’s got water magic! :D

This is the first time he’s ever worn pants and he’s totally panicking, but somehow he thinks to put the DS in his pocket. Clearly, the proper use of pockets is hardwired into the mind of every Sapient being on Earth.

Ravi has little sense of other people’s feelings. I get the sense that Phineas getting magic was more of a “Here, you will need this!” *hair*
“Wait what? Stop doing things without asking!”

Where’s “thumbs up” button when you need one?! This makes SO much sense! Also, now I wanna see a group of people freaking out about being suddenly gifted magic powers and Ravi being Ravi, like Jim in the last couple of pages, only far, FAR less passive about it!

Happy comic birthday!! May it go on for years to come ^_^

Also, very good strip! Loved Merial’s expression like “Look, he can also bend water!”
And truth be told, Ravi is a bit too… clingy (even for Brazilians it’s a bit too much) X-D

How long will it be before Colin starts shaping the fountain spray into rude words? >:=)>

Ravi: That is very good control…

Mary: Colin! …although I am impressed that you’re writing joined-up.

James: Double “l” in “bollocks”… and that’s an American spelling, there.

Merial: Whoops! I mean… er..

Jim: *highly amused* Now try “Paul is a pillock!”

Alec Hyde: You try’n’a offend public decency, kid? Betcha can’t do this! *turns water into blood*

Colin: Wow!


Now, are they going to get to the phone (or the writing desk) and inform the other colour-cursed members of their clan of the nature of their distinction (assuming these people are still canon)…?

And… Happy birthday, Skin Deep! Checking my files, I have been following it since May 2008, when Michelle was lying unconscious on the floor of Fiddler’s Cave, having just banished Azreal’s brothers back to Dis. Well… doesn’t time fly! (Oliver Hardy voice) Here’s to another fine nine years, Stanley!

Stanley: *Glargle!* :=}


Nine years! Oh man! I remember stumbling across your comic randomly, reading up what was on Girlamatic for a while. Then I found you had a website and I haven’t looked back! I found Skin Deep around early 2013, and the most recent page then was Gabe banishing Azreal and Damien back to Dis and Myra saying “Dang”. Here’s to another nine years, Kory!

If there are enough nixies running around the Avalon, I’m pretty sure the people there are used to dealing with “water mischief.” Actually, when you think of all the supernatural talents living there, the place must be the Prank Capital of the UK.

Happy 9th Birthday to your comic, Kory! I can’t recall exactly when I became a fan, but I’ve loved Skin Deep since I found it. It was also a pleasure meeting you when you visited Dallas for a convention a while back.

As for current events, I’m just waiting to see the contrasting attitudes of Jim and Colin moving forward.

Colin: I can do water magic? Cool! Let’s see if I can… *sploosh*
Jim: Wait…something ELSE to study? I’m supposed to be on holiday from university!

On a slightly different note, I wonder if Colin and Jim can use their powers cooperatively for blended earth/water effects like flinging mud pies and such. The potential for cooperative pranking might just stir Jim from his grumpy mood.

Colin’s pockets had to be HUGE… the original DS systems were no joke. Bulky little things. I had one from 06-09 and actually broke it because it fell out of my hoodie…. didn’t fit in my jeans pockets. And I would have been about his age when I got it.

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