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Illumination 37: Why

Illumination 37: Why published on 85 Comments on Illumination 37: Why

Mary is just as fed up with Ravi as Jim is, it seems.

I hope y’all had a good November! Let’s get this December going strong!

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I knew this was going to happen.
He’s going to use his powers for EVUULLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!

…Well, last week you gave him between “…two seconds and a week…” to start committing mischief.
I guess your low limit (two seconds) was really towards the high end. Never underestimate Colin!

On the other hand – Kory, saying that “Mary is just as fed up with Ravi as Jim…” seems to be a very low estimate. It took Ravi about half to three-quarters an hour to turn Jim ‘floofy’ (sorry!) but he seems to have triggered Mary in less than two minutes…

Don’t forget that Mary has been trying to… manage… Colin’s exuberance at the toy shop, whilst we were were watching the chat at Ravi’s.
It’s little wonder she would react as poorly as fast as she has, since her nerves were already quite frayed from stress.

Hahaha! Colin is clearly having the time of his life today. First he gets hands, then his own game system, and then cool water powers on top of that? BEST DAY EVER!

Also, poor Tobias and Paul. They will never be able to avoid getting sneak-attacked by big bundles of water ever again.

I love this more than *words can say.* I’m totally with Colin on this– I mean, yes, questions need answering, yes, Ravi needs to be watched like freakin’ crazy, yes, Michelle needs more light cast on her own situation, yes, yes, yes….. but for crying out loud, WATER POWERS! Time to get into all sorts of new kinds of trouble! :P

Jim gets it from his mom….

Wet Tobias…

Ravi needs a keeper and a leash…

Well Batman swoop in and save the day?
Tune in tomorrow!
Same bat time!
Same bat channel!


Colin needs a keeper and leash as well.
With his expression in the last panel clearly showing he is already planning active mischief, this is an urgent must.

Maybe more like a harness and muzzle?
Or a straight jacket…..

The horror…
A young child has been given elemental power with unknown potential.
I foresee many pranks for a damp nature following.


Spoilsport. You’re just jealous. :P I could have lots of fun with those powers. I’m a water sign, too,♋ . Which reminds me- Kory, is there any significance/ pattern to who gets which powers? I thought there was no astrological link, but temperament?

Hmmm… Does that gesture that Ravi’s making with both hands in panel 5 have a specific meaning?

I LOVE Colin’s little excited finger-wiggle in the last panel; you can just FEEL him scoping out his next target. Also Mama Finn and Jim are seeming to be quite similar in opinion on this matter – though I’d imagine that learning your kids have awesome superpowers and that the weird neighbor knew aobut it the whole time and didn’t tell anyone is kiiiiind of worth the stinkeye she’s giving him. Especially as I can imagine she also knows what that expression on Colin’s face means and is imagining the hell she is going to go through attempting to keep him out of trouble with this.

If I were Paul or Tobias, I’d use the toilet (or WC as I guess it’s called there) anywhere else but near Colin. The prank possibilities of a bathroom for a water-worker are nigh infinite.

Or sometimes “the loo” which I believe refers to Waterloo.

That may have been a factor in spreading the term, but from what I’ve read it’s not the origin.

Back when indoor plumbing was first introduced, it was usually installed in a first-floor room, partly for water-pressure reasons. In England, that room was often discreetly labeled as room #100. Some people chose to read the number as a newly-coined word.

I’m now wondering if Colin might be in for an urgent appointment with the Elders, and a loss of Medallion, simply to protect everyone from his mischief.

Would a loss of his Medallion affect his water powers though? It’s entirely possible he could direct water via movement of paws, head, tail, or even pure thought without physical gesture once he gets some practice.

It wouldn’t stop the “gifts” from working, but it would slow him down from easily being able to use them for mischief, pranks, and bullying.

Never seen a cat deliberately knock over a glass of water, have you? Having paws all his life except for one day in a house full of handles, drawers, knobs, switches and buttons would make an intelligent kid *very* dextrous, fingers or no fingers. I doubt it’d slow Colin down one bitto be stuck in his four-footed form….. but I bet it’d piss him off. And THAT might become a real problem.

So any ideas on how Jim’s ganna activate his earth powers? I mean, for Collin it’s going to be easy just touch water, but does Jim need to touch his hair or something like Ravi did?

Who says Colin will need to *touch* water to bend it to his whims.
Once he becomes really skilled with his “gifts”, he should be able to control and compress the moisture in the air around him, into a ball of water.

It’s not an Anime that Colin will take inspiration from, for making the moisture in the air work for him.
It’s a 2004 Disney Pixar film that will provide the inspiration. The Incredibles.
The character from the film, Frozone.
Whilst Colin would not have seen the film at the cinema, it was released on DVD in March 2005.

Wait. Wait… Controlling the elements, people with the ability to control a single one each, Ravi shows both Jim and Colin how to use their powers…

…Ravi is the avatar.

Well since the definition of ‘avatar’ is ‘a manifestation of a deity or released soul in bodily form on earth; an incarnate divine teacher’ (Hinduism)… Ravi is *literally* an avatar. Lol.

But when the world (namely, the Finns) needed him most, he vanished

No, he just went back to his home in India. What he didn’t expect was that his influence… specifically, the gift of magic that he bestowed on the Finns… would be cut off until he returned. He moved back to the LA just shortly before Jimothy was born, and thus, Jimothy and Colin have the gift.

HAS ANYONE CONSIDERED!!! Colin doesn’t need to get a person to water or ambush them with a bucket for Nixie essence to work and make them go all finny, he just has to summon a ball of water and drop it on them. And Merial is a mischief-maker in herself, she’d GLADLY supply him with some for amusement purposes.

Tobias did nothing wrong

Still eagerly waiting Paul’s face when he’s told he can’t be guardian because no magic

I’m not sure if he’d be happy or disappointed. Probably a little of both. On the one hand, he’ll be relieved to not have to give up his career (quite successful, from the sound of it) as a band manager in the LA. On the other hand, being the guardian is undoubtedly a prestigious position.

Tobias has no mane to give away an affinity.

But he is a Finn…

and right now he looks very yellow.

Or should I say orange? His human form is ginger, and while that’s not outside the realm of possibility when both of their parents have brown hair, I’d say it at least hints at an Air affinity.

I don’t think so. I think perhaps Ravi would’ve mentioned something about it, since he said Paul doesn’t have it and his hair is a normal hair color, along with Toby. We know now that Green=Earth, Blue=Water, and Red=Fire. If I had to guess, I’m guessing Air would be white, or something. I don’t see what element Ravi has tied with Orange, or a light sandy color

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