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Tobias sulking atop furniture is the best thing

He’s so TINY! Doesn’t look much bigger than Colin.

He’s only 3 years older than Colin though isn’t he? I’ve been wondering if the reason he doesn’t have ear tufts like his mom is because he hasn’t finished maturing yet.

It’s even better for Dutch(-speaking) readers, as there is a Dutch saying describing exactly this situation. “Iemand op de kast jagen”, literally translated as “chasing someone up the cupboard”, means to rile someone up. So this comic represents exactly both the literal and figurative side of the saying. Awesome!

Well, when you consider that gryphons are half cat. And cats like to be on top of things. It’s only natural, really. Do they have open boxes around the house for the cubs?

Whoah, maybe at Christmas (or Yule or whatever midwinter holiday they might choose to celebrate) the gryphons actually DO give their kids the boxes and return the toys! :P

Oh, Greg, why am I not surprised! Greg was brought up to do the right thing. Also, Paul is actually a softie!

I think it’s more that Paul is the responsible one who is trying to make sure Tobias’s sulking doesn’t ruin dinner with their fancy American guests.

I don’t think it’s so much a fancy dinner for the US crew. Greg wouldn’t have been helping in the kitchen so much if it was Something Special being put on for them.
To me, this has more of the feel of simply a large family dinner, of the sort that happens when you have a bunch of relatives staying for a few weeks.

Tobias is long term angsty about being a common gryphon. But it was Colin’s actions in using Ravi’s ‘gifts’ that have changed the state of play. I think that, more than anything else has really been what has rattled Tobias’s attitude.

Dinner’s ready and the group that went into the caves with the mysterious stranger haven’t returned yet.

Dun dun DUUUUN.

Mary’s going to be even more ticked off with Ravi now, isn’t she?

Mary: …I’ve already called them three times. The megaphone was fully charged – I know they would be able to hear me. Well they can have dinner cold and dried out, and serves them right! *grump*

Ravi: *strolls in* Ah! Do accept my most sincere apologies, Madame Finn! We were making such progress, and I could not bear to break off!

James: …Yeah. And it’s not like I could leave him there…

Michelle: …Sorry.

Ravi: Ah, but your excellent meal is nearly cold and a little dry now… *uses fire and water control to restore uneaten meals to freshly-cooked state* Tuck in, fellows!

Mary: OVO


I love the fact Greg’s helping with the cooking and setting the table. It’s the little touches like that that I simply ADORE in webcomics!

I remember doing that thing, that Jim is doing with Colin, to my own siblings. Man, those were the cute times.

And now I’m wondering if the fact that Michele and Ravi aren’t back yet signifies that they have uncovered something big. Either that or they come bursting in right at the last second.

Now there, Tobias. Just because all of your brothers are Opinici doesn’t mean you’re less than a griffon; it just means you’re more awesome than they are

… I feel we missed an important bit of dialogue since the previous page.

… How much you wanna bet that Michelle is danger right now?

Awww, look at the floofy birdkitty on top of the armoire all sulky and shiz. I dunno, I just love that that’s Tobias’ little Spot. Or at least one of them. Kind of the gryphon equivalent of going to sulk in a corner somewhere I guess.

It’s Merial’s pose that confuses me. Do women really casually sit like that?

Ah! I love everything about this! All the little glimpses into a “family home evening” with friends. I love that Greg is pitching in with dinner prep, and he & Ms Finn seem to be getting along well with each other, chatting and smiling. And Jim “flying” Colin on his feet… I used to do that with my own little boy when he was little enough to do that. And Toby in gryphon form sulking on top of the bookcase. I love all of it!

All those Gryphon portraits in the house do make me wonder just how many Human friends the Finns have?

In a house that size, they can have a front parlor that’s devoid of any such portraits, maybe with a gryphons-as-mythology design theme.

A more difficult (and comical) strategy would be the one used by Alec Guiness’s character in an old movie, where he was a ship captain with a reversible portrait in his stateroom.

Earlier, Kory had crafted a scene where a single frame on the wall was shown to contain four photograph slots, each displaying one of their sons. But one slot was empty. My mind immediately conjured the notion that they had lost a child… or perhaps excommunicated one. Of course, it was actually Colin’s picture that was missing. The final slot was waiting for him to get a human form to photograph. So it seems they capture family images that are “safe” for public display.

…But here’s an interesting feature that makes me wonder how commonly the Finn’s entertain non-Avalon types. I don’t see any windows in any of these interior shots. There were certainly windows on the outside. And their parlor seemed to be oval or circular in plan. I wonder how it would relate the building that we saw in Kory’s drawing of the home’s exterior.

I’ve been wondering if there isn’t a “public face” to the Finn home, for keeping up appearances, (Tea with the queen and all that), And a private face for sitting down to dinner with the Gummi Bears.

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