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Illumination Page 14: So Many Gryphons

Illumination Page 14: So Many Gryphons published on 77 Comments on Illumination Page 14: So Many Gryphons

My goodness there are so many gryphons on this page.

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I don’t think I can emotionally handle it if this doesn’t work for him like it didn’t work for Sam Hain.

Remember: unlike Colin, Sam has a human parent to inherit mundanity from.

You don’t inherit “mudanity” youre either gryphon or human.
The medalion just makes a human ilusion on gryphons, but does nothing for humans. Though if you were born human (mother wearing the medalion) you naturally inherit a human ilusion, which lasts untill you first touch a medalion.

I know! Isn’t it supposed to be instant?

Wait, how does the magic work? Maybe that one only works for griffons that were born human.

Actually, I’m wondering if Colin’s dad is enough of a goofball to give him a fake medallion just to yank his chain.

I don’t think it’s absolutely instantaneous – while the effect begins at first contact, there may be a delay of varying length before it becomes visible. Michelle and Tony both felt something when they first touched a medallion (Tony described it as a static shock), which might be why Colin went for the swipe there, so that it wouldn’t make him jump in front of everyone.

Colin’s dad might be enough of a goofball, but also smart enough to know how seriously his wife would take such things. Then again, she wouldn’t be able to make him sleep on the sofa – a house the size of theirs is bound to have more than three guestrooms…

It may very well be instant. You could just be seeing a dramatic time-stopping point in the panel, like a final panel with the guy holding a bomb which has just produced the sound effect “click.”

When somebody, like Colin, without a medallion first touches an unclaimed compatible medallion, it becomes his. If he’s covered by an inherited human disguise, the medallion will break that spell and reveal his true form, but it’s not necessarily immediate. (Michelle had time to get back to her dorm room.)

Since Colin is already in his true form, he’ll have to consciously activate the disguise spell. (Does anybody have a bathrobe handy?) I expect he’ll need to get used to the full-human form before he can reasonably hope to manage a midform.

WHAP! Well, if a medallion can withstand centuries of wear, it can surely survive Colin right? RIGHT?

I’m sure it takes more than that to cause permanent flaws in the medallion’s disguise.

I can’t help noticing that they make a ceremony out of making him consciously reach for the medallion, rather than simply hand it to him. I suspect that the point of it is (to paraphrase somebody somewhere somewhen) “Grasp it freely and of your own will.”

Preatty shure the medalion has to actually break to loose magic, and even if it cracks the disguse still mostly works.

That’s exactly correct.
The thing which, so far, has yet to be described in the comics or the RQs, is just how much physical force is needed to cause damage to a Medallion.
We know that Greg managed to damage his grandfather’s Medallion after receiving it, and Myra’s one is damaged, and we’ve seen how that affects the illusion for each. But there is no info on how each managed to do that damage to their Medallions.

Mrs. Finn takes sacred hospitality very seriously.

Not just hospitality.
For Mary, the belief in the Sacred goes across the board, mage_cat.
Recall her Hestia Shrine, she gave to Jim to take with him to the US while he was there in college.
Exchanges Handshakes, page 33

I’ll place my guess now of the medallion being too weak to work properly, but Michelle can recharge it. Also, Colin has yet to discover the true power of a humanform: pockets. Pockets are what keeps society going, almost as much as thumbs.

[reads hovertext]
Mother of god, the shedding season must be a NIGHTMARE to clean up after.

Wait what? Oh gosh, please don’t tell me my gut feeling is correct. I wanna see human Colin! Not another Sam thing, please! Oh my heavens you are EVIL, Kory!

I’m pretty shure you can’t not be turned human by the medalion, you just have to put it on.
The Sam thing was just that he didn’t have a human disguise on him, he was just human (I think).

Sam’s Medallion only seems to have worked partially. Sort of like a reverse crack in a Medallion. Instead of giving him a full gryphon form, it’s given him an almost a completely normal looking human form, except for his teeth.
Exchanges Heartaches, pages 8 to 15.

And, thinking of future events… T plus fifteen minutes:

Colin: Aaaaaaand… midform! Yes… midform! Whaddaya think?

Jim: *smirk*

Paul: *snerk*

James: *chuckle*

Tobias: *ahahahaAHAHAHA HAAAA!*

Mary: *indulgent look at Colin – scolding looks at everyone else*

Merial: *claps hand over grin*

Martha: *flops to floor, puts paws over muzzle*

Colin: *does twirl, oblivious* Pretty cool, huh? *tries to snap fingers* Darn, I had that down a minute ago!

Jim: Now try climbing some stairs!

Mary: Jimothy James Finn, let’s not push him to run before he can walk- and Colin James Finn, GET BACK HERE! Not again.. *hurries off after him*


Goodness, Colin is a cute little gryphon :D :D :D Idk why I think it would be so funny, but if Colin’s human form turned out not to be nearly as cute as his gryphon form, it would probably take a lot of getting used to! I think he leans heavily on his cuteness to get him out of trouble XD
ALSO I wonder what he wants thumbs so bad for, maybe he wants to play pokemon with his brother?? :D

Passing down family heirlooms!
Even better- I am positively a-tingle! :D

We have to wait a whole week to see what Colin-human looks like?!


Indeed. Some Medallions being Family Heirlooms has been known since Orientations chapter 3, page 18.
Going by what is known about the average lifespan of gryphons, I’m guesstimating that this particular Medallion hasn’t been used in about 200 to 250 years.

Us folks over on Patreon already know What Happens Next.

I hadn’t realized till just now but James’ hair in this chapter is a lot fuller than it was in Exchanges. Apparently he’s spent the past few months using hair volumizer.

You know, we’ve only seen creatures turned from “disguised” humans to their true forms- we’ve never seen one go from their true form to their disguise. And we know already that learning to shapeshift with a medallion takes some work. I wonder if Collin has a shapeshifting lesson ahead of him before he gets his thumbs. Or was the learning curve only for midforms?

Wait a second he’s never put on clothes before he’s gonna be naked

And that’s news?
Read the archives.
Orientations, chapter 4, pages 4 and 5

For altered clothes, adapted to fit a full form, they’d have to be altered to fit AFTER having touched a Medallion.
Full form children grow up not needing to wear clothes or think about wearing them. So when they Turn, they have trouble getting used to the need to wear clothes.

Wait if this is the first time the transforms, doesn’t he need to put it on?
Also won’t he be naked?

He’s gonna be naked. Medallions can do a lot of things, but they cannot make clothes. Looking back, Michelle didn’t put on her medallion when she turned. She just kinda woke up with the medallion around her neck. Maybe it transfers itself to the wearer’s neck post-turning to prevent the owner from immediately losing it?

The necklace is just the easiest way to carry the medallion around. Touching the medallion is all that is required for the magic to work.

Indeed, it’s the easiest and most common method, though not everyone uses it.
Jon Lyon, the resident GrumpyCat of the LA, has his Medallion in what’s regarded as a somewhat unusual location, on the back of his tie clasp.
Elise uses a wide neck band rather than a thin necklace.
I wonder if anyone in the Mythical Community wears their Medallion as part of a bracelet?

I wonder if midforms are easier for “peoples” who are born in their creature form (like Colin) as opposed to “peoples” who are born in their human form (like Michelle)? I mean, would it be easier for Colin to be in midform rather than full blown human form? hmmm…

To the point, though, Kory! This page is wonderful! I love seeing everyone gathered around, you can really feel the emotion and excitement! It’s like Christmas! :D (AKA nice work as always!!!)

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