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I’m going to cut poor Michelle some slack here. When you’re panicked and scared, sometimes even ordinary things, things that are so obvious a five year old could understand them, seem confusing and incomprehensible.

Once, I had somehow acquired head lice, and I was freaking out BIG TIME. I asked a lot of stupid questions that the logical part of my brain already knew as fact, such as, “WAIT LICE CAUSE ITCHINESS RIGHT? RIGHT?” No dip, that’s the biggest, most obvious symptom of the parasite! But I asked it anyway because nothing made sense, I was freaked out!

How much more scary must it be to realize that you aren’t human, you’ve never been human, and there really ARE more things in Heaven and on Earth than understood by your philosophy, and that those things include Bigfoot and dragons and crap that goes bump in the night? I’d ask for a repeat on the rundown, too.

*applauds* I feel that I’d focus on the logistics of surviving second-thing (first thing being “Eeee, finger-paw-toes! Claws! I can lick my own shoulderbla- WINGLIES!”), but I’ve never actually turned into a mythical creature without warning, so odds are I’d be having processing problems just like Michelle (though with more knowledge of myths and legends).

Wait, so she’s actually been walking around on 4 legs her whole life up ’till now, or had she been a plantigrade sphinx?

And I don’t know if I’m reading into this too much, but how come she’s never got her tail stuck in a door because she didn’t know it was there?

Anyway, I’m really loving this webcomic. It feels like a long time since I’ve become this involved in one.

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