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Obverse & Reverse Ch3 Page 7

Obverse & Reverse Ch3 Page 7 published on 36 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Ch3 Page 7

Yesterday was my birthday!!! I’m 35 now! I’m old! I celebrated by going to Several Halloween Parties because when you’re 35 you can do whatever you want!! Being old rules.


This looks… miserable.

Like, “misery” is the explicit emotion I would use to apply to this image. I’m starting to be less surprised that Dis isn’t more widely known. It doesn’t look like it’s doing too hot.

As the legendary Capitol city of Hell, I sort of expect that Dis itself is far more busy and cosmopolitan (and probably even more miserable). The dragon did say it was “on the outskirts”, so… I’m guessing this is like, upstate Dis, instead of Dis city?

Think “Desolation of Smaug”. A lot of dragons have lived here for a while. A miserable place by all accounts.

In the movie the Desolation was a capitalist wasteland like this appears to be about to turn out to be as well for that matter…. In the book a pretty oppressed place as well. Hmm.

(Edit: Grammar)

Well, this isn’t what I was expecting. But, its bringing back the memories to Orientations during those dream sequences, so I can’t really complain.

Oh well though, Dis looks exciting! Creepy and Disturbing, but Exciting to journey through nonetheless! Journeying to new places has been one of my favourite things about this comic!

Happy Birthday, Kory! Enjoy being 35!

Dis isn’t what I was expecting either! >:=)> A lot less fire and a lot more trees (don’t know if they ever come into leaf, though). The volcanic cones in the background and ash pall (?) seem appropriate, however. We shall have to see if there are any burning tombs full of heretics…

Voices in distance: – “I’m telling you, Big Generator was the best album Yes ever did!” – “The Star Wars Christmas Special was totally brilliant, and IS part of the Star Wars canon!” – “Genesis only really got going after Phil Collins left!” – “Studio Ghibli are a bunch of hacks!” – “You think this is hot? Ha! I’ve been in flame wars on 4chan!”


And Happy Birthday, Kory! Roll on your three dozenth!

Huh… Not as hellish as i expected. Its almost.. tolerable actually.

But for how long? Living in a place that dreary for thousands of years can really do a number on one’s mental fortitude

Mmm… look at that signpost and the building in the distance. That looks like a lot of highway signs I’ve seen. All of a sudden I’m theorizing that Dis is some sort of “reflection” of the real world.

Either that, or some of the people who wrote the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices went to Dis after they died, and Darkfather decided to adopt the same categories, placement, and graphic standards for traffic signs…

(Or maybe that’s part of another building I’m seeing in the distance. It isn’t drawn in enough detail for me to really come to a conclusion.)

P.S., Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Kory!

Looks like this is a different brand of Hell then the stereotypical fire and brimstone one.

Well, actually, the whole “fire and brimstone” thing was invented by control freaks anyway. It’s a lot easier to make your congregation obey your rules if they think there is a special place, full of fire and smoke and burning and torture and anguish, where God will send you to live and suffer and burn and choke and scream and cry forever and ever ’til the end of time, if you do any of the things on the special list of ten things that He does not want you to do… but He loves you. (Apologies to the late George Carlin.)

According to a local pastor, hell is simply a place of “total separation from God”. I don’t remember the sermon (it was about three decades ago), so I don’t know specifically why that’s supposed to be a bad thing, but the point is that some biblical scholars agree that Hell is not “fire and brimstone” because it was not described that way in the original manuscript (by which I mean the original writing in Hebrew). Also, if Dis was that brand of hell, I don’t think even the dragons would want to live there.

Brrrrrrrrr….. This makes me remember that the Norse believed that the valorless dead spent their afterlives in cold, murky misery. A lot of cultures had similar ideas– look at what happened when you died in ancient Greece. Crowds and crowds of numb spirits, barely there at all….. yeah, I don’t want to vacation in Dis. Even Bloodcarver’s dulling down in color.

That having been said, also: HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS TO YOU! 35 *is* good, but just wait; the older you get, the less reasons you can think of why you shouldn’t do this or that and the more you come up with why you SHOULD do it. It’s great, though occasionally it leads to near-misses with the law and public nudity.

“because when you’re 35 you can do whatever you want!! Being old rules.”
Yeah, until your knee gives out due to an ill-advised experiment with skate/longboarding because you’d like to be able to catch your breath when going from one end of campus to the other in 15 minutes or less. Or is that just me?

On a side note, if I’d had the funding, I’d totally have built a pulse-jet-powered board. Former mechanical engineering student.

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