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He’s sooo Cute and Fluffy I’m ganna die!!! XD I wanna plushie of him!!!

I wonder if Kory is good with a needle. What say you Kory? Wanna start making baby legend creatures?

Making or having stuffies made is quite an adventure, especially dealing with a manufacturer with set minim order size, setup fees and the penchant to pull substitutes on matereals, modify designs and all that fun stuff they do so that you end up with something that may have a passing resemblance to the original design.

In a previous life I was QC for a Toy company and I still remember the cute prototype cat model that ended up looking like a cubist squirrel on delivery.

May I suggest just designing the patterns as the prelude to a kickstarter.
From there one can produce a few kits for those for who can’t source adequate materials and embroidery machines locally.

From there building them would be the most labour intensive part but I know people who fail at sewing on a patch/badge and go all hot-melt-glue on everything. So someone willing to etsy the assembly of them for the thread challenged would be a good option unless there is a massive enough number of orders to go commercial on the assembly.

Also shipping, taxes and import duties would be way less since they would not be classified as “finished goods”.

Yeeesh I do tend to ramble – I need to immerse my pudding engine in Caffeine and a ridiculous amount of simple carbohydrates.

I want to squeeze all the three of them!
They’re just too adorable!!

Also I would really like to call attention to Roald’s expressive…antennae? Ears? i don’t know what to call them.

They’re horns, not antennae

Not coiling, flexing and dancing around like that, they aren’t; horns are made of keratin just like fingernails, and even the kind with overlapping segments are fused and immobile; these buggers are WAY mobile. They aren’t antlers (bone, ditto on the immobile), so I’m not sure what to call them. But they’re neither horns nor antlers.

Is he wearing…what are those on his feet? Socks with toes and a pocket on the front? Cargo socks?

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