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Obverse & Reverse Ch 3 Page 2

Obverse & Reverse Ch 3 Page 2 published on 19 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Ch 3 Page 2

I’m back from Vancoufur! I had a great time, thank you so much, Vancouver!

I’m sorry to anyone who was planning on seeing me at ECCC, if you were planning on buying some stuff from me, you can check out my online store!


That’s wonderland for ya. Forget what you know about logic and reason becuase there it means nothing.

“Oh good you didn’t leave the path…” “so you can’t get lost in the woods!”
In other words, if you DO leave the path at the right time, then heaven help you, you’ll get lost in the woods…

No, no, no. The trees next to the path will flip you around, too.

OK, maybe not exactly “around” and rather “inside out”, but you still won’t have a chance to get lost in the woods. Few people are prepared to the point of having usable legs on their inside to continue walking on after the flip.

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