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Understandable Michelle.

I can see a repeat of Jim’s flying lessons from Orientations happening here.

“Ugh! It’s perfectly safe to travel via Hellmouth. Only every ten or so get chomped by bored Hellmouths and from the looks of it, this guy has been passed only eight or nine times now. I could go first, but then it’s definitely nine or ten times it’s been passed, so you’ll probably end up getting chomped, as tiny as you are. So hop to it.”

Is there any less creepy portals to Dis?

Um no. the only other way I can think of is chiron’s fairy. So your choice sailing on a boat that delivers the dead to the underworld or a firey mouth that looks like a giant dog.

Chiron’s ferry is a fairy?

It’s this immense, scaled thing with bat wings and a tutu. Eventually somebody suggested a boat would be less stressful to the dead.

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