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Just go back to human to get some shoes back. She was wearing shoes, right?

Nope. Her sandals came off when Bloodcarver grabbed her back at the Avalon.

Bloody teeth terrifying

Meesh don’t like Clifford’s tongue-floor

Can’t wait to see what Dis looks like in the next chapter!

Those are some healthy teeth, all right. Say what you will about Hell, they do have a great dental plan.

Why am I getting the reluctant father feeling from bloodcarver here? Also what is bloody’s actual name anyhow?

It might *be* “The Bloodcarver”. While it sounds like a title the last dragon we saw was literally named Ddraig When or ‘White Dragon’. It might be a societal thing that dragons adopt descriptive names based on themselves or their deeds or things that sound cool to them versus having given names like humans. They never integrated into human society, after all; why expect them to have the same naming conventions that humans do?

Could also be something like Francis, in which case I don’t blame him for introducing himself as The Bloodcarver.

Believe me, Michelle, passing through a Hellmouth is better than passing through a Hellass.

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