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Obverse & Reverse Chapter 3 Page 3

Obverse & Reverse Chapter 3 Page 3 published on 37 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Chapter 3 Page 3

Sorry for the delay in updating last week, I got SICK!! But I’m better now, so here comes the COMICS.

It’s October now. It’s My Time. It’s My Time Down Here. My Time.


Of course it’s a hellmouth…

Well, now we can see the answer to what’s on the other side of a hellmouth

A Hell-Butthole? Or is it a CatDog situation?

In many medieval illustrations, it was clear that many believed “the mouth of hell” to be 100% literal, and several of these works (such as the scene of the Last Judgement on the Tympanum of the church of Sainte Foy) do indeed show souls being defecated into hell.

Of course he would take her to the prettiest mouth. The one fresh permed–it looks adorable. Makes me want to scratch it under the chin like I do my dog Jasper. Then again, Jasper drools when I do that, and what kind of acidic fluids a hellmouth could dribble I probably don’t want on me.
gotta make a good impression on the last living sphinx after all!

What The Bloodcarver tells Michelle this page, is something of a continuation of what Merial told Michelle in orientations, in Chapter 3, page 23.

The first part of Merial’s dialogue on that page kinda got me the wrong way abit, at first that is. It reminded me sorta of the ‘suck it up’ mentality that is sometimes used to make people feel guilty for being sad or unhappy, with words like “whine” and “pity party” coming up.

But, the later half of it showed Merial’s more pure and supportive side, which got the train back on the tracks for me. Showing that Merial still very much cared for Michelle as her friend, even if she is abit of a grump. ;-)

I didn’t really feel the same way. I more got them impression from her and Greg that “We’re here for you” even if they found the complaining annoying. She can’t go back to the way she was. They both had it WAY worse than her.

I seem to remember that Merial’s parents locked her in the bathroom because they didn’t know how to deal with her. That makes the dialogue make sense to me. She’s had worse, Michelle at least has people willing to support her.

I understand that, and sympathize with them. But I still felt that a little, as if its meant to come off that way *at first*, but then you realize that they weren’t being apathetic, but rather sympathetic, more than that even, but were also expressing how they were also tired of Meesh’s complaints.

I honestly don’t care if anyone had it worse than Michelle or not. Michelle turned and automatically got attacked by a monster that was chanting the name of what she’d become as it did so. She had every right to mope and complain and to be afraid for a few days. Trauma isn’t a contest.
Also. Being there for your friends as they process trauma is something you’re supposed to do. Patting yourself on the back and getting mad when it doesn’t magically solve everyone’s prtoblems within a couple of days is kinda self-absorbed. I know greg was trying to say he was there for her, but it came across as though he was shaming her for not being more grateful. (“You’re lucky you know!”) Marriel was more sensitive about it but I still kinda wish they came at this from a more patient angle.

That last frame from the page from Orientations, was exactly what I was getting at.
Over 12 months on, and Michelle is still focused on being human.
“Just give it a chance, please? It really is great once you stop trying so hard to make things go back to “normal”.”

well to be fair.. she has only been a sphinx for a short time now blood.

Michelle has been Turned for over 12 months now, Corosar.
It’s only been in the past month or so she’s had access to ALL the powers and knowledge of the Sphinxes. Before then, no knowledge, and her powers were not working in any controllable manner.

Wonder if these things get bored… This one looks like it’s rolling its eyes.
“Yeah, sure. Just pass by without a ‘hello’, what do I care? I’m just a doorway to Hell. No biggie.”
“Would you quit your yapping? It’s hard enough passing these teeth without you chomping all the time!”
These things probably know how to answer when the dentist keeps chatting with you despite having both hands and half a dozen tools in your yapper :D

Mich ” A hellmouth?! You are wanting me to walk through a hellmouth?! The word hell is in it’s name for a reason.”

Bloody ” You are looking at it like a human again sphinx. And in all honesty it isn’t as bad as it looks.”

Mich ” Like dragon droppings it is. I am not walking through some freaking mouth with fire in it.”

Hellmouth ” Hail The Bloodcarver. It’s been awhile.”

Mich with big anime eyes ” That thing just talked.”

It’s not just your time Kory. This month also belongs to me. Glad you are feeling better. Also what zodiac sign are you?

I see two planes that don’t intersect with Earth… I assume that’s where the Space Bugbears live.

I’m not convinced that the “planes” and the planet surface do, in fact, intersect only along the lines shown in the image. Add the planet’s rotation to the equation and you’ld need to hit the continental crust running like crazy so as not to face-plant immediately. ;-) Not to mention having to use a “tide” table so as to be sure to come out on land in the first place …

Is anyone else feeling a bit sorry for Bloodcarver right now? He’s looking very not happy. Droopy.

Huh, maybe so! It could be just like visiting an old home or something, remembering the good times or such that you had there before having to leave due to whatever life threw at you and wishing it could return, but knowing it never will. Can’t imagine the dimension on the other side of that hellmouth is all that pleasant really. Possibly the only pleasant thing he has there is his mate/wife that he’d mentioned in the past.

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