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Obverse & Reverse Ch 4 Page 11

Obverse & Reverse Ch 4 Page 11 published on 24 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Ch 4 Page 11

Jimmy needs a time OUT.

I would have been at VanCAF this weekend, but, well, you know how it goes. but VanCAF is doing an ONLINE CONVENTION! There are talks and panels you can attend and a virtual artist alley to check out! I’m on a webcomics panel on Sunday the 17th at 3pm if you want to see Alina Pete talk to me, Sam Logan, Angela Melick, Jeph Jacques about webcomics! It’ll be up on their Youtube channel, so come watch me ramble!

I also have two new pins up in the store for sale! Zech the centaur and Elise the pterippi! These have neat screen-printed details, like the plaid on Zech’s shirt and Elise’s tattoo! Neat.


I am very happy we know the future, or else I would I would be quite fed up with Jim at this point!

given that Rupert was informally tasked with keeping them safe, this is doubly cruel.
Jim only excuse would be that until then, he had not been exposed to anything actually dangerous to him, or to Lorne
how old are they currently ?

Knowing the type of person Jim is as a young adult, I’m curious (if not eager) to find out what happened to change him.

Best guess? He grew up, without even noticing. Children aren’t self aware enough to not be a-holes at least some of the time. Not that it really counts as being an actual a-hole, because they’re not really self aware enough.

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