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So she’ll… not tell Bloodcarver to shove it? Next week’s page is gonna be interesting, Meesh’s terms and conditions are hopefully gonna be less racist and full of the biggest superiority complex the world has ever seen

Also dem toofers. Meesh sure has quite the set of teeth. Must be really fun to draw

Michelle isn’t just telling off Greg and Bloodcarver over their rant argument.
Her blow up is pent up anger and frustration at how her life, in general since touching that Medallion about 12 months ago, has had control taken away from her, and that control handed to everyone else around her. Pulling and pushing her in the directions they want, without her having any chance for any say in the matter.
Bloodcarver’s actions this day, and the argument between him and Greg, were basically the straws that broke the camel’s back.

Yup, the last strand of her patience with it all just snapped!

At least she has a grasp of how her life can be summed up, even when under this level of stress. Unlike her original plaintive cries to just “get back to being normal”… her cry is now, “I want this to end so I can live my own weird stupid life on my own weird stupid terms!” Gotta smile at that personal redefinition of her future.

I get her, but… Isn’t she doing exactly the same thing now? Just another yelling person?

Not the same. The dragon and the satyr are just repeating the same old arguments without stopping to listen to the other, or rather listening only to shout back a reply, not to think about what the other said. Michelle is bringing a brand new argument, forcing each side to go off script. For the first time in more than a thousand years, it seems.

Also mid-form!

True, in all the hullaballoo I missed the fact that this may be the first time we’ve seen Meesh go midform… so used to the others doing it that I missed this!

It’s not quite the first time. That was on the final page of the first chapter of Illumination, and then there were the first half-dozen pages of chapter 3. And, she did a partial shift when she stressed out after the council meeting (also in ch 3).

Will Bloodcarver be the first to apologize?
Will she tell Greg to zip it when he starts to spout off again while Bloodcarver keeps his silence?
Will they let her rant for a bit before attempting to initiate intelligent conversation?
Will Bloodcarver lead his request for help with some solid information on what is going on first?

So many questions ……

Bloodcarver will sit down and shut up if he knows what’s good for him here; Michelle sounds like she is || from “start punching your problems until they stop being problems”

Oh good. So she’s in just the mood all the dragons are in. That went so well last time around.

No. She’s just about to reach that mood, John.
If either Greg or Bloodcarver does push her anymore she will snap straight past that mood, into unbridled unlimited rage and fury, with the entire Sphinxes power base to back her up.
Imagine that much magic energy as a blast, being applied at point blank on either Greg or Bloodcarver. You’d simply need a scrubbing brush and some water to clean the stain their ash remains would leave.

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