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Uhmm Bloodcarver? Didn’t she already say she wanted to go? Please don’t try to make this worse by forcing her already voluntary action.

I wonder what the people from the avalon will do when they receive the news…

No wonder dragon and sphinxes went to war, they’re both terrible communicators. I get the feeling Bloodcarver has been raised with a few contradictory standards. He sounds like a guy trying to be tough, likely supposed to show ‘dragon pride’ while everything around him is basically crap. He is trying to sound like he’s not in the wrong and is in control, even after Michelle has just given him exactly what he wanted, he trying to save face for it being because she told him off. I get the feeling he is around the same age, at least mentally as the group, and since the dragons wanted medallions, maybe at some point in the future, we may see a human teen Bloodcarver.

Bloodcarvers ears were fixed!! (Tho page 13 still has a little sliver of yellow backed ears!)
Gosh tho, poor Bloodcarver looks irritated with all this sappy stalling. And I’m concerned about the fact that he’s not said anything about returning Michelle herself once her “talk” with the leader is over.

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