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The Bloodcarver is bored by the delay, but at least he has the patience to let this play out, since he knows he will finally get the result he has been wanting. Michelle taken to The Father, even if it’s not Michelle being taken there as a prisoner.

It’s kinda funny how quickly he got bored. If they live a long time then this brief exchange should be just a passing moment to him. Maybe he’s a very young dragon.

Have to admit, it’s a bit awkward discussing The Bloodcarver, when we don’t, yet, know his actual name.


Too Monty Python?

I can’t tell if you are joking dude.

Well, I’m not writing the script here. And it’s probably for the best as I’m incurably silly at times and yet can be cruel to hapless characters (you should see what I put Magnus through in my novel Genesis: ).

“Say, The Bloodcarver, what’s your real name?”


“I didn’t catch …”

“It’s Tim.”

“So there are those- … um … Tim is nice…”

“Nice recovery.”

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