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Bloodcarver, could you at least explain WHY you need to take her back to your boss? Or do you yourself not know?

He’s *trying* to explain why, he just keeps getting interrupted. While I totally get Michelle and Greg being angry, I hope they calm down enough for us readers to hear the whole story!

He hasn’t tried to explain why, and he has not been given a chance, due to Michelle’s anger, and Greg’s negative reactions to what Bloodcarver has so far said.

He was simply ordered to do the job by The Father, and judging by what he said, he seemed to be the next in line to leadership in Orientations.
Orientations Chapter 5, page 31 –
So I’m thinking The Father might have handed him the job as a test of his loyalty and resolve.

the man is trying! I mean, politics are hard enough in a one-species world with century-long lifespans; trying to diplomatically speak to another long-hidden species that lives for much longer is a nightmare that Bloodcarver is just trying to get through calmly

I mean, sure. All the stories you’ve heard thus far are about dragons being jerks, burning up everything and pretty much eating everything that has a heartbeat and nibbling some of the things that don’t, just to be sure.

And you’re more or less civilly conversing with one right now, without it actively trying to be a jerk (it even apologized), having burned nothing and though it is clearly thinking about biting your head off just to get you to pipe down, it still haven’t done that!

And then our goatboi has the gall, nerve and (lets at least give this much to the ol’ boi) balls to keep arguing with the thing. Michelle we can forgive, she’s new to this and just heard she’s some level of dragon kryptonite, but Gred really should be seeing himself as possible dragonchow…

I mean, if I ran to a guy who screams about a lion eating people, then come face to face with the said lion and it only wants me to rub its mane… I kinda wouldn’t go about yelling at it for licking my face while I do it. I’d much prefer that over it eating the said face like the stories had promised…

Oh gods, Bloodcarver you’re adorable but absolutely terrible at this…

Like a sad, scaly dog with no social grace…

Puppy. A big, sad, scaly puppy. If his eyes were a little bigger in proportion he’d be utterly, unstoppably adorable and just be able to go ‘Baw, baw, Miz sphynx, ma maw said you has to come!’ and she’d be doomed.

Bloodcarver somehow reminds me of a cocker spaniel I knew once. I think it’s the ear-fins.

… umh. Sorry, Bloodcarver, but this is going to be an *exceptionally* hard sell.Even if Michelle and Greg were to to cut out all the drama and yelling at once, that request must sound pretty much like “please commit suicide by proxy” to them.

If you want to resolve this “as peacefully as possible,” consider the following strategy: Ask politely for what you want, and offer attractive compensation for it. At what point did the dragons decide against that?

Kind of hard to be completely, 100% polite and ask in advance when everyone starts freaking out, and looks ready to call the whole community down on you.

He likely planned on asking politely–which is why he came in quietly, and tried to quietly get their attention. Also likely why HE was sent, since he was a familiar face, rather than some other dragon whom they wouldn’t have recognized as anything but “DRAGON!”

Echoing on Bloodcarver looking beat up. He’d let Michell go earlier because she was “an innocent.” How did the dragons justify genocide, I wonder? To add: was it a council of Sphinxes who decided which races received the amulets? Or was it a council or multiple races?

“Look… I wanted to talk quietly there. Ask. Be civil. I’m sorry about freaking out and grabbing you both and stealing you to here. But here is not back to my ‘boss’, as you put it. I brought you here to have the conversation I was initially wanting to have. First, I’m sorry about before. Secondly, if you do not want to go now, I will take you back now. But I wanted to actually have this talk, and I wasn’t going to be able to do so with the entire place freaking out and getting hostile. You both know the reputation dragons have. We were, and… Still are… A prideful collection. But to put it bluntly, yet simply, the last several hundred years have been oh-so humbling, even to our great egos. Isolation, limited supplies. The self-imposed exile your kind endures is in a way that allows you to still have plentiful food. We’re cut off. And frankly, we’re fine not getting medallions of our own anymore. But we still need assistance. And there is still something we must say, that we thought we’d lost the chance to after all this time.”

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