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If Bloodcarver’s “father’s” second angel, Does that mean he’s Lucifer?!!

That’s assuming that by “father” he’s talking about God.

Maybe it’s just a dragon they call “father” (or maybe even literally Bloodcarver’s father). In which case, Bloodcarver means he’s father’s “second in command” (and not “second angel”).

Naw, naw! Any catechism worth its paper (that from Pius X reccomended) will tell you Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Lucifer, and four others we don’t know the names of (Raphael just told Tobit he was one of the seven Archangels) were first among angels until Lucifer thought so highly of himself he forgot who the Boss was. Then Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael had to remind him and the other angels L- had misguided into thinking they didn’t have to listen to authority. Michael’s name means “Who is like God” and because there is nothing and no-one WHOP down went and stayed Lucifer “Bearer of Light” (As a side note, knowing his name made me highly suspicious when I read up that Mohammed said it was a being of light what talked to him in that cave he was sulking in. That Joseph weirdo who founded the Jehovah’s witnesses also claimed to have received those fictitious golden tablets from a figure of light. A bit of critical questioning to the being’s credentials would have solved a LOT of bloodshed, but we humans are quite an arrogant and fallible creature since the Fall messed up our everything.)

And just to complete the set, Gabriel’s name means “God is my Strength”, and Raphael’s name means “God Heals”–which makes sense if you know Tobits’s story.

What? Why, yes I did major also in Philosophy and Religion with a side dish of English literature and Fine Arts. What am I doing with those four papers? Happily letting them gather dust as I perform something entirely unrelated. Jobs chosen with 18 aren’t necessarily the ones performed with 35. :D

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