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Obverse & Reverse Ch2 Page 2

Obverse & Reverse Ch2 Page 2 published on 30 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Ch2 Page 2

If you thought Jim and Lorne were A Lot as adults, just wait till you see them as 10ish year olds.

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Remember to keep your claws in when you’re scuffling with your friends, Jim! >;=)>

Lorne is a nemean lion – Jim is in far more danger of of getting punched through a wall than Lorne is of getting scratched.

OK, I cannot POSSIBLY be the first person to think of the ‘Monster boy in Wonderland’ joke.

Remember how Wonder Boy would knock politely on doors before entering, even the doors to the boss monster lairs? Do you think Gryphon Boy would be so polite?

Mary: I should hope so! I raised him-

Gryphon Boy Jimothy: *barges through door without knocking*

Lyon Boy Lorne: *charges in after him*

Boss monster: Wha- stop that! You little- COME BACK HERE!!

Gryphon Boy Jimothy: *exits with beakful of loot*

Lyon Boy Lorne: *exits with sword* Look at this cool sword!

Boss monster: I’M GONNA RIP- *charges into doorway, sees Mary* *choked gasp* Mary Finn! I… *slams door* *wedges stool up against it*

Mary: *glower* ……I raised you better than that, Jimothy James Finn. Now spit that treasure out – you don’t know where it’s been!


Yup, after seeing this it explains so much about those two…

It is odd to see the extremes of Jim’s Mum’s expressions… we are so used to seeing her very stern visage but there are a couple of momentary cases of smiling here that almost confuse me.

I just noticed Jim’s freckles, so cute!

If Jim’s 10 years old here, that should mean that Collin is a itty bitty babbu right now. I hope we get to see him!

Both Jim and Lorne are not yet 10, as neither has a Medallion, yet.
So as a consequence of that, it’s unlikely that Colin’s egg has been laid, much less hatched.
Jim’s 20th birthday is in 2004, in One-Eyed Bear.
Illumination is June 2005 when Colin’s 10th birthday, and getting his Medallion happens.

Am I overthinking that Mary’s shopping suggests Gryphons are omnivorous or is this one of those “Magic!” answers.

Let’s see they can turn from human into gryphon and back again, we see eating leaves in the cafeteria at their school, and aw yes they have magic medallions. Nope definitely not omnivores.

Page 14 of chapter 4 of Orientations
You look at the page and it shows who is sitting where at the table that day.
Using that info, the last frame on the page, clockwise from upper left, ID’s like this:
Merial, Greg, Michelle, Jim.
Jim’s plate in the lower left, has salad and meat. So yes, definitely omnivore.

Omigosh omigosh omigosh we are going to Wonderland We ARE GOING TO WONDERLAND! {starts bouncing off the ceiling in excitement}

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