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January 2017 Reader Question 1

January 2017 Reader Question 1 published on 7 Comments on January 2017 Reader Question 1

Let’s try these Reader Questions again! The site is mostly up and running, but things are still broken, like past Reader Questions. I’m working as fast as I can to fix the issues! I even updated the character page a little! If you want to get back to the comic, use the “Chapters” drop down to navigate to the chapter you’d like to read! The navigation bars will go through the (currently existing) Reader Questions (until I fix all of them, which will hopefully be soon!).

I have a lot of opinions about Pokémon and how my characters react to them, lol. Tobias is a very competitive player so his choice starter is Charmander, for being a “classic” and because Charizard is a powerhouse pokemon. Colin likes Mudkip because it was the water starter on his first pokemon game, but his favorite pokemon is probably Lugia. He was very mad to find out that the master of the ocean was not a water-type, though.


Excuse me! When this game came out Charmander (and Charizard) were actually considered lower tier. They don’t have a particularly powerful stat layout and Charizard’s typing — Fire/Flying — lends it little advantage over pure Fire in addition to introducing some significant weaknesses without really giving Charizard any decent offensive breadth to make up for it (although it does eliminate his Ground weakness, so you can at least play into an Earthquake). Generally Charizard was considered a fairly lackluster starter until Gen 6, where his Mega forms were introduced and wound up breaking the competitive scene for Charizard wide open. As of Skin Deep’s timeline, Swampert and Blaziken would have been the top contenders for best competitive starter, making Colin’s choice an ironically much better one.

I’m deeply disappointed in Tobias.

(This post is a joke and I’m really not inviting actual competitive analysis plz don’t thnks)

Lugia is my personal favorite, and has been ever since Silver was released. Although, since Colin would be playing Ruby/Sapphire, I’m surprised he wouldn’t favor Kyogre overall. But I approve of his choice for Lugia. Also, Charizard has a ton of competitive weaknesses, but it was my first starter ever, and that doesn’t keep me from using it in almost every game I can. <3

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