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Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 15

Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 15 published on 13 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 15

C’mon Michelle, trust the angry gecko lady.

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“C’mon Michelle, trust the angry gecko lady.”

No, DON’T trust her! Agree to her plan, and don’t backstab her once everyone is out of course, but don’t let your guard down either.

Exactly! Gecko lady has given a very logical reason why she’s helping and it’s certainly something to believe her words!

But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have other ulterior motives she’s not saying. She scratched your back, and it certainly seems time to scratch hers, but she cannot be allowed to roam freely. Be vigilant, and perhaps, beholden her to an additional favor so as to keep her in check. Not with something silly like her word or promise.

When things make too much sense and are extremely convenient for you at the time being…


“Why do you two even care?”

Exactly. Why should they care how miserable you are when you’re clearly still peddling with favours.

“Could you explain why owing a favor to a demon is a bad idea? Is it maybe that demons cannot be trusted? Does that mean that if a demon decides to ‘help’ us, we should reject her help? I’m just trying to get a feel of your perspective on this question.”

In most of the fantasy stuff I’ve read, owing a favor to a supernatural being is always a bad spot to be in.

Yes, but the point here is that if they owe a favour to a demon such as Vera is that just as dangerous? As in, it seems dangerous to owe demons anything, and here is Vera, a demon….

In theory they already ‘owe a favor’ to her for getting rid of the dragons and she hasn’t tried to call that out. Personally I suspect she’s coming at this from more of a ‘my favor is getting you out, your favor is getting me out, we’ll be even’ angle, but that doesn’t mean she couldn’t pull the rug later with a ‘by the way you owe me, I did you *two* favors’ kind of thing. I just think she’s being relatively honest about her motivations right now in the moment, at least.

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