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Digging the cube tree.

I bet it has square roots too.

shouldn’t it be cube roots?

I can’t tell if these are math puns. they don’t quite add up.


There seem to be a couple cone-ifers, too. And at least one each of two other non-platonic convictions in the center(?) of the village ahead. I guess that the tree nursery’s geometry classes will turn out to be a bit divisive, much like religion classes for us. ;-)

The abundance of platonic solids as well as a helical cone in the background there just shouts out Ye Olde English Topiary taken to extremes as per normal for the English.

NOTE: The definition of Normal varies from place to place and culture to culture.
When it comes to the English there is much relevance to the axiom about mad dogs and Englishmen.

I can’t help but wonder(land): is there a portal in wonderland for each mirror portal outside of wonderland, or do they all link to one? And if so, how might you pick the right mirror on your return?

Also can I go there please it looks nice =3

“…nothing out of sorts about it at all.”

I’ve read the books. Everyone in Wonderland is stark, raving nuts. It’s basically the country’s wheelhouse. The Wonderlanders you see out in the “real world” are the ones who aren’t crazy, and fled.

Someone I know once theorized that Wonderland is where Faerie stuffs all its crackpots. Like a country asylum. So maybe it’s not “fled,” but “released after recovery?”

And not to put too fine a point on it, Faerie inhabitants aren’t usually playing with a full deck on their best days either.

If Wonderland, as your friend theorized, was where Mythical society, forcibly, stored it’s problematic people, then someone such as Jon Lyon would very likely be a permanent resident of the facility, in the present day of the stories.
And if that use of Wonderland was the case, then the ones in Wonderland in this story, are the current generation of multiple generations of such socially defective Mythicals, made to live in a closed, self-contained enclave.

I’d think Wonderland Asylum would not be so much for people with annoying personality issues as it would be for the sort of people who wear underpants on their head. Mythical people with animalistic full forms would have to specifically purchase underpants just for this purpose.

Wonderland is only “mad” when viewed by the strict rules of this world’s society. In particular not being prim and proper like Victorian society, seemed “mad”. Do we have the right to question their society just because their habits differ from ours?

Ah, fingerprint authentication. :-P

For the better, too, considering that Ms Finn apparently “hides” that body-sized mirror in a room that contains neither make-up, nor jewelery, nor any clothing to try on …

Mythical creatures without clothing probably spend as much time in front of big mirrors as any human type, making sure fur was combed, horns shined, wings preened, or scales properly polished.

Well, I grant you that, but the various secrets of mythicals in general and Wonderland in particular are to be kept secret mainly *from humans*, not other mythicals, aren’t they? And the Finn mansion is *outside* the local avalon. I don’t think that telling the visiting Mr Hunnertperc-Juuman “oh, no, I use that mirror *sans* clothes” is going to do much in dousing his interest …

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