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Rabbits in hats, that’s wonderful

(Psst… I doubt anyone else noticed the slight typo in the second panel or even cares, but I thought would let you know about it anyway. It should say “used to be before,” not efore. Then again you could just put an apostrophe behind it to make it sound like an British accent, I guess.)

Hmmm, how about seeing from the inside out, then? A close look at the night sky, with some appropriate tools, should get any interested parties an idea of Wonderlands position rather easily. Unless the spells distort the relation of *time* between inside and out as well, of course.

And the Wonderland side of the Finns’ entry looks pretty permanent and obvious, what with the tree framing it, the sign indicating private-ish property, and its own paved path leading up to it. Ms Finn said that it’s supposedly nontrivial to get *back out* of Wonderland, too, so what surprises await the unauthorized wannabe-users of this exit?

Do we know if that access from Wonderland is visible, when the mirror is turned ‘off’ ?

I would say that at least the sign should remain visible – for there’s no need for it to even be there if it were visible only while someone’s using the mirror/tree. And conclude that “enough” of the paved path ought to remain visible as well.

So, yes, we could theorize that there’s a *heap* of magic thrown in so as to have the tree replaced with something you cannot simply walk into while the access isn’t used … say, a pond. Personally, I’ld still worry what’ld happen to someone taking a (forbidden) swim when the pond gets tree-ified by a wannabe user from the other side …

The sign staying there all the time, definitely.
I was more thinking that the tree, looks like a tree, when the mirror is turned off, rather than a tree with a hole looking into a far larger room.

Might be. In that case, replace “take a swim” by “carve a heart+initials” or “harvest some Wonderlandish-weird fruit” or “climb up it” or “be in dire need of firewood” or …

All I’m saying is that “invisible” doesn’t imply “inaccessible”, especially when the party seeking to leave Wonderland unauthorized is a *local* and might have *seen* the gateway in use over the years.

“Spells that make it impossible to see from the outside.” A lot of that going on in England.

Be funny if Hogwarts and Wonderland were about half a mile from each other and neither one knew it.

I am pretty amused by both the possibility that there are just magic trees growing in cube shapes with checkered patterns and humans just totally missed them and the one that Wonderlanders just indulged in some magic botany to go out of their way to create them.

(I hope we see some young Rupert and/or Eleanor in this chapter, I love them to bits. C: )

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