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So it’s a bit like the pushmi-pullyu, only all heads and mouth. …I wonder if Doctor Dolittle is around and available to help, somewhere in this multiverse. >:=?>

I am actually relieved, was worried there would be a hellbum, glad there isn’t.

I really love the lighting and colouring effects especially on her clothing in the middle three panels. That centre “eww eww eww” panel is just plain impressive.

Yeah, I was wondering what the exit would look like too and kind of bracing myself. Because here in Tucson we have a really beautifully done pedestrian bridge that’s built to look like a giant rattlesnake, and you can enter from either end; it’s neat until you *think* about it hard enough.

After walking a sticky red carpet to Dis it seems whatever is in front of her is even more freaky….

“Sorry, the Michelle brain you have reached is presently not offline. Please leave a message after the beep and it will respond to your stimulus after it restarts.”

Don’t think too hard about the physical anatomy of a Hellmouth

[notices that it’s apparently teeth all along the “digestive tract”]
[frantically tries to adhere to the advice and reaches for the brain bleach]

Okay, maybe I’m crazy (though I would *much* prefer you say “You’re mad! Mad, I tell you!”), but I feel pretty damn sorry for whatever those hellmouths are. Look at their freaking expressions– pure misery and resignation. I mean, seriously, what kind of existence is that even for some sort of demonic monstrosity, lying there with your multidimensional head bricked into a wall on multiple planes with random people tramping across your tongue? Poor Michelle is freaking out over the sensation; imagine being able to *taste* all that! EEEW indeed; poor things.

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