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Obverse & Reverse Ch4 Page 14

Obverse & Reverse Ch4 Page 14 published on 29 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Ch4 Page 14

See Rupert? This is fun. This is fun!

I’m making face-masks! They’re being made right now so all orders will go out once I get them, which should be in about 3 or 4 weeks! I have about half of them left to sell, so get them while you can!


Stepping stones? Are they on “a” path, just not “the” path? And…don’t jump into the fairy ring. Well, it could just be a natural fungus circle, like IRL, but still…

I think he’s jumping _over_ the fairy ring, from the angle of the jump.

Awwww. Rupert is smiling!

the happier he seems, the more the dread rise.

When he was grumpy, the likely trope could have been about learning to let go and enjoy the moment.

But with him converted so soon, it remind more of the innocent starts of horrors stories.
And we can guess that this place works in strange ways, and use some literary tropes as truth

Everything on this page makes me nervous… The fairy ring (with… crystals?) makes me nervous, the omniously robust roses make me nervous, even Rupert craning his neck like that makes me nervous that it’ll get stuck like that.

Ok, I lied, the rocking horsefly makes me go “yay!”
Rock on, rocking horsefly!

Is the face mask supposed to be a bull dog Sabre tooth tiger hybrid? I mean why does it have such huge flappy bull dog lips? Sabre tooth tigers didn’t have big flappy lips that covered all the way down their enlarged front teeth it looks really abnormal so I am guessing it is supposed to be part bull dog. Why else would it have that face? Doesn’t make any sense I am very confused can someone please enlighten me why it looks like that?

Jowls protecting a smilodon’s teeth is a hypothesized idea for the smilodon that hasn’t been discredited as of yet. There’s evidence that the teeth of a smilodon would have needed protection from the elements, so the idea of big jowls to cover them was brought forward. We don’t actually know what a smilodon looked like in real life, so all reconstructions of it are educated guesses.

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