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Obverse & Reverse Ch4 Page 8

Obverse & Reverse Ch4 Page 8 published on 21 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Ch4 Page 8

Let’s try this again!!! Jimmy’s way.

Edit: oops, I had linked to the IRS instead of Topatoco??? An easy mistake anyone could make, am I right? Link is fixed now.
Hey I made some socks! That you can buy! They have little pit bulls on them! You should buy them to keep your feet cute!


The wise thing to do would be to grab Jim’s tail and drag him away.

They’re about to do some rather unwise things, I presume

who can say what is wise or unwise in wonderland ?
Jim seem to know what he is talking about, lets trust him, other the local but younger kid.
Unless you saw a troll, then you should run for the hill-billys to save you.

What could go wrong ? in wonderland consequence lead to having had fun.

(I tried to mimic the lack of logic. It is a failure, and harder than it looks. Instead, most of my attempts just sound pedant and wrong, stupid or naive, unlike the in story discussion)

Wisdom is for those who see the truth and adjust their lives accordingly. The fools demand the truth adjust itself to their own reality.

Jim isn’t being unwise, it’s just Wonderland hasn’t provided him with any truth to follow.

Hey, uhhhhhhh. Clicking the pitbull socks takes me to the irs website. Is anyone else having that problem?

“As soon as we’re within the forest, we split up and take off in three different directions. There’s no way that not at least one of us gets lost that way!”

[fifteen minutes later]

“Now how did a bunch of bleedin’ TREES get all three of us handcuffed into a circle around the lone oak in the middle of the town square?!?”
“… magic?”

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