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Don’t do it Blood. Please don’t turn round and throw yourself away in a futile gesture for Meesh to escape because your world’s just collapsed…

There’s got to be a better option.

I have a theory about what’s going to happen, but I’m hesitant to say what it is, simply because of the number of times the story has zigged when I thought it was gonna zag. (Kory has managed to catch me by surprise more than once, and I’m not easily surprised.) Let’s just say that if I’m right, you don’t need to worry. I’m worried that I’m gonna be wrong.

Turn around? Naa. He’ll barrel forward to knock the gatekeepers around, so Mich can escape. Same end result, but still.

Also I’m even less willing to believe there’d be any stealthier option left when they are now yelling within eye distance from two groups… XD

Let me help you help with the thinking, (hopefully-not-too-soon-being-)Bloody:

You’re about to be located by a band of pursuers where you currently stand, which is going to reduce (both-of-)your chances to near-zero, so you got to move. Now.

You can’t go forward (guards and wall), or back (pursuers and the rest of the gang, including Dis Pater himself), or up (no flight), or down(… or can you?), so lateral it is.

You’re easier to spot between the trees as you move, so some sort of depression in the ground to duck down into as you vamoose, if you happen to know of one, would be a bonus.

Miche, cut the man a break! He just found out his entire life is a lie!

I just thought of an insane strategy: Bloodcarver can swallow (human form) Michelle whole, and just waltz out the entrance, then vomit her back up. The guards were placed as a contingency plan, so they would have orders to keep an eye out for the sphinx. They wouldn’t know about Bloodcarver’s “betrayal”.

Only solution I can immediately think of that would make her angrier than now.

That’s a terrible idea. First, stomach acid is corrosive. Her skin (or fur) would burn quickly. Secondly, there’s no light or air in a person’s stomach. She’d have about 2 minutes before going unconscious which would result in eventual death if Bloodcarver can’t vomit her back up.

“Bloodcarver.. you’re magical… Dis saps magic and weakens you so you can’t take these guys… But I’m a sphinx. That’s why they wanted me so I can do this for you… just get us out of here because when I do this I’m probably going to pass out like I did healing Finn… Don’t let go of me or we BOTH die here…” ZZZZZAP! *Team buff applied*

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