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Obverse & Reverse Ch5 Page 22

Obverse & Reverse Ch5 Page 22 published on 18 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Ch5 Page 22

This is the penultimate page of this chapter! Next week will be the last page, and then I’ll be taking off for the rest of March to get ready for the next chapter! Exciting!

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Not sure what worries me more, what’s going on with Michelle or whatever that huge rumble was.

or the possibility that both are linked

“Okay. I have a plan. It’s not really a plan, but more of an idea.”
“Oh, that’s sweet. Just let me pass out over here so you can think for another one.”
“Okay, so the idea is… Wait, what?”

Didn’t actually plan this as a reply, but I guess it goes here just as well as anywhere else. :D

or the possibility that both are linked

In the last panel, Michelle is in the center of a magic-suckle-circle the same color as the “RUMBLE”. You bet they’re connected.

Yes, that also means that wherever Bloodcarver takes her, the effect will likely stick around her.

I think she’s getting sick of Hell, in more ways than one.
Let’s see… If I were an intelligent group of Hellspawn who were quite familiar with playing the long game in cons… I’d install a locking mechanism on the outside of whatever free space I ‘gave’ others to take advantage of later as soon as they got something I want and am willing to kill them to get.
…I think the two should get get out of there quickly. Dis Pater has probably already sounded the alarm to bring the demons to the table.

Oh…cliffhanger. Let me make a random guess, next page features the totally unexpected appearance of some character we’ve forgotten about…Michelle’s mum?

Or her dad or Gabriel or a rescue party from the Avalon would make more sense. Or, alternatively, pursuing dragons just catch them.

Ah! Just realized the back of Bloodcarver’s ears turned yellow again this last chapter.
At the end of chapter 3 the backs of his ears were red, but this whole chapter they’ve been yellow.
Idk, maybe it’s too many pages to bother editing, but I thought I’d mention!

Still love reading the comic after all these years :>

Given the nature of Dis as a place of absolute stasis, and what that means for its residents, the last number of pages are making me wonder… is it possible for anyone stuck there to age or heal naturally, or even die? Because those are some DEEP looking holes in Blood’s neck, the bleeding has already stopped, and if he’s feeling them, he’s not admitting to it.

The cruelest trick of all would be for Blood to escape with Michelle to freedom, but then once freed from Dis’ influence immediately succumb to his injuries.

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