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Wikipedia says Tsuchinoko can not only also roll like a hoop snake, but also do a double-jump.

So… yeah, winner.

ps. Kory – have you drawn any small Skin Deep webcomic banners for links from other sites? I’m currently using the ‘Orientations Part 2 – “Holy crap”‘ image on my page.

There are a lot of bizarre creatures in world mythology, in pretty much every culture. Some cultures even oddball dragons. I know I’ve mentioned this before on another page, the Lampton Worm is a dragon in English lore that is pretty nonstandard, seeing as it has a body like an earthworm with the head of a dragon on one end and grew to a size where it could basically constrict cow that was bloated by deliberately forcing it to gorge on milk, yeah, the story of the Lampton Worm actually mentions something like that. Is there anything in the supernatural community of the series with any sort of connection to the Lampton Worm? Go check out the story if you’re still confused

Also, given the varying stories about some animals between cultures, does that mean certain totem animals have different abilities based on the culture they’re from? For example, in Japanese lore, the otter is a cunning trickster who is prone to playing pranks, but in Irish lore, the otter is a nearly indestructible warrior. Think of it this way, with Irish/Celtic otters, you have creature potentially more indestructible than a Nemean Lion but the downside is they have an Achilles Heel, but it’s not their heel, it’s a small point somewhere under their arm, better known as a place people tend to put armor to help protect their vitals as more of design sensibility than anything else.

Sphinxes are obviously a big deal in Skin Deep, but what about criosphinxes and hieracosphinxes? If they exist are they other variations of sphinxes, like the Grecian and Egyptian sphinxes, or are they separate creatures kind of like how winged lions are similar in appearance to sphinxes but aren’t sphinxes at all?

How long does it take for a gryphon to lay an egg? If it’s more than a day, then would someone like Jim’s mom look pregnant in her human form?

What would happen if Michelle’s mom touched a sphinx medallion while she was pregnant with Michelle?

Has any human discovered their spouse was a magical creature while said spouse was alive? Did they freak out?

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