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Obverse & Reverse Ch7 Page 13

Obverse & Reverse Ch7 Page 13 published on 17 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Ch7 Page 13

Happy March! Wow, 2022 is just zooming along, huh? You may have noticed on the sidebar, but I will NOT be updating Skin Deep next week, March 8th! I’m taking a week off to get some other work done. I’m still in Physical Therapy for my injured arms so my production speed is still way down from normal. Thanks again for your patience with me while I heal! See you again March 15th! A completely innocent day that isn’t ominous at all!

It’s March and that means it’s time for a new round of Patreon Pin Club! If you join in March, you’ll get these two pins in May! Vera and the Honking Dragon! Click below to learn more!


Panel 4 – the claws are comin’ out, the lip is curled, if Meesh didnt have humanoid ears in this form they’d be plastered flat against her skull.

It’s not visible but the tail is either lashing so hard it presents a genuine hazard or absolutely still… If the latter, Vera, you are about three minutes overdue for starting to dig a really deep hole you can pull in after yourself when you’ve jumped in.

I can’t believe it took me eight years to realize that the orange feather in Michelle’s hair is probably one of Jim’s… Or it might’ve been mentioned earlier and I just forgot, you never know with a comic that’s been running this long.

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