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Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 14

Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 14 published on 12 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 14

We’re back! Thanks so much for all your patience as I have to resort to irregular updates while I work on fixing my arm!

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The real question here is what does Vera plan on doing once she reaches Earth since Michelle’s reaction is going to be the common reaction.

It is very likely they haven’t thought that far ahead

To act as, heh, demon’s advocate…

Would it really be that different from anybody else, that can’t shapeshift or doesn’t have a talisman? And that were painted as quite nasty in the myths and legends? (Not that we know for certain quite yet if Vera lacks those powers.)

I mean. Michelle herself is a species traditionally known for being tricksters and man-eaters. DIVINELY EMPOWERED man-eaters that may eat fools by divine decree, at that.

Not that I expect a demon AND dragon just… showing up to be drama free by any means, one way or the other. :b

I mean, you where already gonna bounce with a Dragon, a literal demon seems easier to keep out of trouble.

Also this is a very strange life, might wanna start getting used to them sphinx powers if these are the kinds of friends you suddenly need to keep!

For me, it depends on how demons work in this setting. If they’re the type of demons where bargains and rules magic are big with them, then Michelle might be able to get a genuine guarantee of good behavior. That being said… getting out of Dis is one thing, but staying out? Something tells me the rest of the demons won’t just let them live peacefully for the rest of time. Still, who knows. My vibe is that they’re on the level. But then again, i am a gullible chap.

I’m pretty sure that Gabriel (first seen on this page: ) might have a word or to about this. Though hopefully the word would be “don’t be a dick and keep your human suit on and you can stay.”
Then again … the three stooges<<<<<<< demons who hassled her back then kept going on about their "Mistress" … and we haven't seen a different female demon who might fit that bill.

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